The Pizza Kitchen Pizzas from Chicago Town

When you mention the word pizza my families eyes all light up – it’s their favourite dinner option so we couldn’t wait to try the new range from Chicago Town called ‘The Pizza Kitchen’.  With four flavours in the range there is something for everyone and with me being vegetarian I was pleased to see that two of the choices, Cheese Medley and Garden Vegetable would be ok for me to try out.   The other flavours Deli Pepperoni and Roasted Chicken are great for meat eaters.

One of the key features of this new The Pizza Kitchen range is the deli crisp crust.  A crispy edging that reminds you of Tiger Bread and that is my families favourite choice of fresh loaf so to have something similar as a pizza base is almost too good to be true. The toppings are all loaded generously too so you can be sure to get plenty of flavour however big or small your slice is.

First choice by the children was the Deli Pepperoni, the 7yr old’s favourite.  He loves a bit of pepperoni and with the delicious base, this pizza from Chicago Town certainly hit the mark with him.

I tucked into the Cheese Medley and Garden Kitchen which were both lovely to eat.  The base is crisp but light and just right for the toppings.  This is definitely a pizza base we’ll all be back for more of.  I found the toppings to be juicy and flavoursome, a great match against the base and between us all the pizzas disappeared rather quickly.

Overall The Pizza Kitchen range of pizzas from Chicago Town have been a hit with both adults and children alike and being the sort of family that enjoys pizza on a Saturday night in, we will be adding these to our weekly shopping list!  Why don’t you give them a try too?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review. 

Chicago Town New Pizza Flavours

Chicago Town pizzas are the perfect treat for a Saturday night, so we couldn’t wait to taste some of the new flavours and check out the range of pizzas available.

This month Chicago Town has launched seven epic new flavours to the range, including Limited Edition The Takeaway Pulled Beef Brisket, The Takeaway American Hot, The Takeaway Four Cheese, The Takeaway Cajun Chicken, Deep Dish Meatball Melt, Deep Dish Mega Meaty and Pizza Melt BBQ Chicken.

Chicago Town pizzaBeing a pizza loving family, we couldn’t wait to taste this.  They cook with a really crisp crust, that just invites you to tuck in and the smell that wafts out the oven, get’s everyone shouting “Are they ready yet?”.

The Takeaway Four Cheese Melt is a mouth-watering feast great for families or parties.  It just melts in the mouth, with a light crisp base, a stuffed crust oozing with a rich tomato sauce.  Everyone loved the taste of this and wanted more.  We’d highly recommend this and think it’s one of the best frozen pizzas we’ve tried.

Chicago Town pizza 2The meat eaters then tucked into The Deep Dish, a range of individually sized pizza’s.  We cut them up so people could try different flavours and had a selection of Pepperoni and Mega Meaty to try.   Pepperoni is always a favourite, particularly of the children and Mega Meaty consists of pepperoni, crumbled sausage and ham, which was apparently delicious!

There are loads of flavours to try, and different styles of pizza in the Chicago Town range, perfect for family nights in and parties, definitely worth checking out when you are at the supermarket.

We all really enjoyed trying out these pizza’s and the children thought it was amusing wearing a pepperoni style t-shirt, just like the ones used in the new Chicago Town advert.  Why not watch it below?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product and compensation in order to write an honest review.





Win a Dinosaur with Chicago Town Pizza

Chicago Town pizzas are regularly eaten in this house, my children love The Deep Dish and I find The Sub handy for a lunchtime treat.  At the moment every time you buy a Chicago Town pizza, you will find a special code on the inside of the box which you can enter online in the hope to win one of six Jurassic World dinosaur toys.

chicago town

Available are:

  • Indominus Rex
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Dimorphodon
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Velociraptor

Every 15 minutes between 8am and 8pm a different dinosaur is released so you can try your luck to win every dinosaur.  It’s definitely worth a try as we won on our third attempt which my son Mister B is very happy about.

If you are unsure what pizza to buy, then I am going to highly recommend The Takeaway Four Cheese Melt.  With a stuffed tomato sauce crust and topped with a combination of Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, mature Cheddar and Emmental cheeses, this pizza is pure heaven.

chicago town 2

We hadn’t tried this pizza before but got it in for all the family on Saturday night and it disappeared within minutes with everyone saying how delicious it tasted.  The crust rose up beautifully to a soft but crispy edge that just melted in the mouth.  This will definitely be our go to pizza in the future for weekend family treats!

chicago town 3

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received a dinosaur and some vouchers in order to write an honest review.

Chicago Town Pizza – Review

Pizza is our family’s favourite Saturday night treat for dinner so we were keen to try out some pizza’s from Chicago Town who have a new style pizza out, The Pizza Melt along with The Deep Dish and The Sub which have new flavours for 2015 available.   Being vegetarian I stuck to some of the more traditional cheese and tomato flavours although other family members did try the Meat Supreme Pizza Melt.

pizzaxWe had the The Deep Dish Four Cheeses first which was a hit with all of us.  Containing Mozzarella, mature Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Emmental cheese this pizza was simply bursting with cheese which balanced well against the thick deep crust of the pizza but also had the right amount of tomato sauce inbetween to keep it juicy and easy to eat.

pizzaNext up we tried The Pizza Melt, a snack style pizza which can be eaten in two halves or put together like a pizza in a bun!

pizza 3 pizza 4

The Pizza Melt is loaded with pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, Edam and Cheddar cheeses all tucked inside a crispy bun.  This was enjoyed by those that ate it, my daughter Miss M particularly likes a bit of pepperoni on her pizza.  The Pizza Melt is designed more for a quick snack and is a generous size which would ultimately fill an adult up at lunchtime!

My personal favourite was The Sub, a long french bread style pizza topped with tomato sauce, three cheeses, Edam, Cheddar and Mozzarella, and herbs.  These are ideal for lunchtime with a side salad for a really tasty meal.

pizza 2We all really enjoyed trying out the Chicago Town range of pizzas with most of the family favouring The Deep Dish, but for me The Sub.  There are so many flavours available now, that there really is something to suit everyones tastebuds, so why not check them out!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.