Fred’s Box Minifigure Subscription Box for Kids

Fred’s Box is a new monthly subscription box aimed at kids and filled with a mystery selection of minifigures to play with and enjoy.  The figures are of a standard size and compatable with other similar figures.  Each month is a surprise but you can be sure to expect to recognise some figures from the box whether that be superheroes, tv characters or even someone such as Santa around Christmas time.

The figures arrive in a small enough box that if fits through your letterbox and when you open it up the figures are presented across some shredded tissue.  It looks good and the figures are protected.

We received a mixed selection of minifigures, but all of which I thought would appeal to my little boy as he just loves little figures and toys like this.  As you can see a number of them come with accessories such as a skateboard, guns, lightsaber to add to the play value and look of the character.

So it was time to give them to Mister B to see what he thought.  His grin said it all when he opened the box and then proceeded to jump up and down saying thank you mummy!  He absolutely adored the minifigures in Fred’s Box and couldn’t wait to take each one out and check them out before playing with them in his own little world.  Being very imaginative these fit into play easily for him and little figures and characters really appeal to him more than big toys do.

We’ve enjoyed trying out Fred’s Box and as you can see it’s been a hit in this house.  I think lots of children would enjoy receiving one of these through the post every month, an exciting and fun delivery.  There are different options available to suit different budgets which vary in the amount of figures you received.  Why not check them out today – I’m sure they’ll bring a smile to someone little that you know!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Rockabilly Kids Toothbrush – Review

The Rockabilly Kids are a new range of toothbrushes aimed at making life easier for both children and adults.  With it’s unique ability to turn itself upright, it means less contact with germs and easier for children to put away.

RockabillyCurrently available in six different designs such as Superstar Stella, Chef Cheryl, Footballer Freddie, Cowboy Clint and Vet Valerie, there is a varied choice for children to pick from in both different colours and characters.  We chose Astronaut Andy for 3yr old Mister B to try out.

One huge bonus with the Rockabilly toothbrushes is that they last, saving you time and money.  I was quite impressed to see that this came with three spare toothbrush heads, meaning your child won’t have to say a sad goodbye to their toothbrush when it wears out.  With the average time of use being three months for a toothbrush head, it means with the four heads supplied with the Rockabilly, you’d get a year’s worth of use.

Rockabilly 2So what does Mister B think?

Well it’s his favourite colour, blue, so that’s a hit!  He thinks the astronaut is quite cool and we started talking about space, rockets and stars!  He loves the three extra heads and is excited that he can change one when the first one wears out.

As for using the Rockabilly toothbrush, it has a small round head that’s soft and gentle for young teeth.  It has multiple length bristles that are dentist approved, great for caring for little ones mouths.  This is definitely a gentle brush that is easy to use.

Rockabilly 3Mister B enjoyed using this toothbrush and I liked the concept and quality of the brush and handle.  I love the way it sways on the side of the sink but never falls.  This really does avoid a child laying a toothbrush down on it’s side, something I’m not keen on in respect of germs.   It’s easy on the gums being soft and gentle, perfect for little mouths.

I can only see advantages in this toothbrush, with a character your little one will love, this has to be a great value toothbrush that both you and your little one will enjoy.  It has certainly made teeth cleaning fun for Mister B – why don’t you try a Rockabilly toothbrush today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received a Rockabilly toothbrush in order to write the review.