Parragon Life Canvas Stationery Collection – Review

Parragon have a fabulous new range out of Life Canvas stationery and I was lucky to received the Paris notebook and sticky notes in a tin.  Also included in the range are note cards, little tin set, journal, magnet set and file folders amongst other bits and pieces.  Their are also several designs in the Life Canvas range, including Paris, Wild and Butterflies.

IMG_20140826_162000The pocket notebook is a delightful design with pretty pale pink pages and an Eiffel Tower stamp logo in each corner.  The page are thick and easy to write on.  The cover is sturdy and will withstand being carried in your bag,  perfect for carrying round to keep notes in.  There is also a pink elastic to pull around the front to keep the notepad closed.

The sticky notes in the tin are so cute!  With eleven different shaped sticky pads each with a Parisian inspired background, you can find the perfect shape for every occasion.  The rectangular ones are perfect for marking a page in a book, the triangular ones are great for when you just need to write one word reminders and the squares are ideal for writing little notes to yourself.

I love the way they all fit into a tin, keeping them all together and ready to use.  I think these would make a lovely gift for someone.  I love mine and keep them next to my laptop ready to use as I go about my day.  A lovely stationery range from Parragon that any stationery fan will adore!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the stationery in order to write the review.

Interplay Butterfly World – Review

Interplay Butterfly World is a butterfly rearing kit for children allowing them to follow the life cycle of a butterfly from a caterpillar.  It contains all the equipment you need including an informative guide by Nick Baker.  This is a great way to introduce children to nature and something they can watch and see an amazing end result with.

interplay butterfly rearing 1The kit contains a small plastic lidded pot to collect your caterpillars in, a paint brush, a mesh jar cover and a pop up butterfly rearing cage.  There is also an order form should you wish to purchase caterpillar eggs.  It also suggests were to look for them in gardens, parks etc.

interplay butterfly rearing 2The children were delighted to see the kit and couldn’t wait to get exploring for a caterpillar.  I carried the handy little sample pot and paint brush in my handbag and we looked around wherever we went.  The paint brush is used to pick up the caterpillar once found so that you don’t damage it in any way.  After a few unsuccessful trips searching, I decided to head to a large park that must have lots of caterpillars where the children had lots of fun looking through bushes, turning over leaves to see what they could find.  And then we found her, hanging from a leave on a tree, Mister B named her Jasmine, our new pet caterpillar.

interplay butterfly rearing 3Jasmine the caterpillar has been very busy munching leaves and the children enjoy collecting fresh leaves for her on the way home from school.  The guide in the Interplay Butterfly kit explains how to care for your caterpillar by cleaning out the jar regularly and the importance of fresh leaves.  She has started spinning silk and it’s fascinating watching her hang down from the top of the jar from such a thin thread and then climb back up again.

Although our caterpillar is very active around the jar, she has yet to pupate ready to turn into a butterfly.  When she reaches this point we will transfer her to the pop up butterfly cage so that she has room to fly around.

I think the Interplay Butterfly set is a wonderful kit for young children and definitely brings a bit of nature inside.  We all love looking through the jar each day and be the first to spot her.  I really hope our caterpillar finally decides to pupate and become a butterfly as it will be a fascinating experience for the children to see and then we can have fun setting her free!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the Buttefly kit was sent to us in order to write the review.