Bath Crayons with Bathtime Buddies

Bathtime Buddies Bath Crayons were an instant hit with my two children, the idea of drawing in the bath was fun, but actually being able to draw on the bath itself and the tiles proved even more exciting.

Bath crayons 1Each pack contains five crayons, in bold looking colours although they aren’t as bold as they look, so don’t worry, these aren’t going to stain your bath!

Both my children were very excited to see these and they were thoroughly entertained in the bath using them.  They bounced off each other with ideas as they used the crayons to write their names, draw round their hands and draw rainbows!!

bath crayons 2Miss M even drew the words Bathtime Buddies and spelt it all correctly, I was very impressed!  She then decided she wanted to write numbers as Maths is her favourite subject at school at the moment, so she proceeded to write the numbers 1 all the way up to 100!!

bath crayons 3Mister B drew lots of squiggles but kept rubbing them out when done so it was hard to capture them.  But without a doubt, this is one of the most occupying activities we have had in the bath, the children kept on squiggling until the water was cold!!  They were washing a lot off as they went but the bits that I did have to rinse off after came off with minimal effort just using the shower spray over the tiles and it instantly washed away!


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If you want to have a go and try the crayons with our children then email to request a sample and if you are one of the first 50, you’ll be sent a sample of crayons for your children to get creative with in the bath!

Just upload your child’s creation to the Bathtime Buddies Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning a weeks worth of shopping!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and the product was sent to us in order to write the review.

Fun at Bathtime with Bathtime Buddies

Making bathtimes fun for the children is essential for me, it can often be a drag getting them up to the bath, but if you have some fun things lined up, they soon relax and enjoy being in the bath and actually want to stay in there, despite initially asking me to wash them quickly so they can get straight out.

I use many things to make bathtime more fun and Bathtime Buddies have a great range of accessories to help engage children in bathtime fun.  We received a few products to help make our bathtimes more fun, from Foam Alphabet Letters to Squirting Ducks and squirty Soapy Foam.

Bathtime 1The children’s eyes lit up when they saw the goodies, “Can we have them in the bath tonight”, they chorused as they eagerly checked them out.

bath 4They had great fun squirting water out of the ducks at each other and also used them to aim at foam shapes we have on the wall.  They also found if you squirted the alphabet letter they would drop down off the tiles which they found an exciting activity.  Miss M liked writing things with the letters such as their names and other random little words.  For Mister B who’s 3, I found them useful to get him to recognise his letters and practice the sounds.

bath 3By far the children’s favourite was the Soapy Foam which they played with endlessly.  They were fascinated by the huge volumes of foam that I squirted into their hands and then used it in a variety of ways from filling pots, to covering themselves or making swirly patterns with it using their fingers.  They love the texture of it and can sit for ages running it through their fingers.  Why not give them a handful while you are washing their hair?

Bath 1The children also like to sing in the bath and that can help extend the time they sit in the bath which particularly helps when I am detangling Miss M’s unruly curls with lots of conditioner!  I can never predict what song that will be and usually it is one of their own creations especially with Mister B who loves to make up silly rhymes although he went a little camera shy when I tried to capture him in action.  Miss M did a little tune which I’ve shared with you below:

Bathtime Buddies have come up with their own bathtime song, a verse and chorus and we’ve made up a couple of extra verses, so feel free to use them if you want to sing the song with your children in the bath.

You can listen to the Bathtime Buddies song here:

 Verse 1
Hey, Hey! The day is over
and it is time for bed.
First you must have a bath,
before you can rest your head.

All of your friends are here to help you
wash all the days dirt and grime away.
Play with the ducks, “SQUIRT!”
Or Soapy Foam shapes, “SHAPES!”
Let’s see what else you can create, “YAY!”

Chorus x 4
Hey, Hey! Let’s go and play.
Let’s go and play with The Bathtime Buddies.
Learning is fun when it’s me and you!

Our Verse 2
Little squirty ducks,
can be so much fun.
Can you hit the targets
one by one?

Our Verse 3
Make Foamy Soap shapes
and balls of snow,
Or cover yourselves
from head to toe.

Our Verse 4
With the foam letters
you can write your name
Find the letters A-Z
or have a spelling game.

I think having fun in the bath is a great way to get children to enjoy the experience and make life easier for you, the adult.  There are so many ways to make bathtime fun, from coloured bubble bath, foamy soap, bath fizzers to all the little toys and accessories available.

Bath 2On Thursday 15th May 2014, H&A along with tots100 are having a twitter party at 1-2pm, there will be prizes for the best tweets so why not come along and join in using hashtag #KidsBathtimeFun.  Also remember to follow @tots100 and @BathtimeBuddies.

What fun things do you play or sing to keep your kids occupied in the bath?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received we received some bathtime buddies products in order to write this post.

H&A Kid’s Character Haircare Range – Review and Win

H&A have launched a new kids hair care range to compliment there already successful bath time kids ranges.  With a variety of character hair care products on offer there is sure to be something to entice you child to have their hair washed.  I know with 3yr old Mister B it’s always easy to wash his hair whilst in the bath without him noticing too much but 6yr old Miss M’s hair is a nightmare and she begs me not to wash it due to her natural curls that tangle up.

Shampoo 1For Mister B we received the Ben 10 shampoo.  It has a mild and gentle formula that is all important “tear free”, a must have for little ones.  It has a citrus fragrance which is fresh and fruity, but light giving hair a nice clean smell.

So what did Mister B think?  When he saw the tube, he grabbed it, gave it a cuddle, then danced around the room shouting “Ben 10, Ben 10, I’ve got Ben 10 shampoo, Ben 10, can I use this in the bath mummy, I love Ben 10”

shampoo 5So the packaging definitely appealed and when we it reached bath time that night he excitedly took it up with him and couldn’t wait to squirt it on his head.

What did mummy think?  I thought it was great, simple to use, easily lathered up, ran down his face with no tears and left him with soft, cleaning smelling hair – I can’t ask for more than that!

I must just comment on the packaging of the H&A hair care range.  All the shampoos come in large tubes which stand on a nice wide lid so don’t easily fall over.  I love that the product sits at the opening end so that you can quickly and easily squirt a blob into your hand or your child’s head with no fuss.  The tube is flexible and easy to squeeze, so I give the design of these tubes a big thumbs up!

Miss M tried out Disney Princess Ariel’s range of products from H&A which consist of a conditioning shampoo and a detangler spray.  The products immediately appealed to Miss M and although she would rather not wash her hair, she wanted to try these out on the days I insisted that we had to wash it!

shampoo 2

The shampoo has a fruity fresh fragrance which Miss M immediately picked up on and said “I like that smell” as we started to wash her hair.  As with the Ben 10 shampoo, this lathered up easily, leaving the hair feeling clean and fresh.  You can tell the shampoo’s have conditioning properties as you could feel the hair was softer and more manageable after shampooing, a good start in getting rid of those tangles.

shampoo 3With Miss M’s coarse curly locks the only way we can truly brush it is when wet using a large amount of conditioner and a tangle brush.  Although her hair felt softer and the tangles had eased we did have to add a separate conditioner in order to ease the matted tangles out.  Most children would have a great result using just the conditioning shampoo, but Miss M’s hair is an extreme exception and one that I’ve had to learn to manage over the last few years.  I think it’d be great to see a separate conditioner in the range for children that need it.

Once left to towel dry for 10 minutes we sprayed some of the Ariel detangler spray which Miss M loved the fruity fragrance of.  It really helped her tangle brush glide through the damp hair and in particular allowed me to separate it ready for plaiting.  As recommended on the bottle of Ariel detangler, a great way of keeping tangles at bay is to keep your hair in plaits.  This is something we do regularly with Miss M as when her hair is down it ends up a knotted mess by the end of the day and impossible to brush out or style the next day without another wash.

Without the Ariel detangler, the hair would have started to frizz which leads to tangles and so I’d highly recommend this to aid combing and styling.  It also has a heat defence formula to protect hair should you require it.  Being able to use this spray on both wet and dry hair it’s perfect for us to use each morning to redo Miss M’s plaits.  The Ariel detangler spray is a daily staple for us and we wouldn’t be without it!

Ariel picsWe’ve really enjoyed trying out the H&A hair care products, they are great value, the children love them and they work!

shampoo 6The products above as well as other in the range are all RRP £2.00 and available from Tesco and Wilkinson.


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