Spring has Sprung with Baker Ross Kids Crafts

After dull Winter days it’s nice to see the colours of Spring coming out in the garden and these craft kits from Baker Ross are perfect for kids to make and brighten up the inside of the house too!  From flowers to bugs, everything is bright and colourful and they are all so simple to make, that I find they have a wide appeal which both my 9 and 6 year olds love to get stuck into.

Without any hesitation, the children sat down and started making, colouring and sticking, they love these kits and it’s always a joy to see them engrossed in creating something we can enjoy to look at for the next few months.

I thought the Flower Suncatcher Decorations looked stunning strung across the kitchen windows catching the sun as it beams through.  Everyone that has visited has admired these and they really brighten up the view.

These Creative Colouring Flower Wreaths are so simple but look so effective, the children are working their way through colouring the whole set so I can hang them up somewhere.  They love dipping in and out of colouring these after school, at breakfast time etc.

How cute are these Bug Pom Pom Decorations?  A simple pom pom ball with a few sticky accessories that makes them come alive.  Making the pom pom is best suited to slightly older children so Mister B left these to Miss M to make.  She’s finished this little ladybird and is currently working on a bee.  I can’t wait to see the trio of finished bugs altogether, so cute!

One of the children’s favourite to make were these Peacock Crinkle Decorations,  so simple by just fanning some crepe paper for the feathers and then just sticking extra details on.  These look lovely on my kitchen wall and I think it’s great for the children to see and admire all the beautiful things they make everyday.

As you can see, Spring really has sprung inside my house with all these beautifully coloured crafts the children have made for me using the fun kits from Baker Ross.  These make a great anytime activity, which children enjoy and love seeing the finished results!

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Christmas Crafts with Baker Ross

Christmas decorations made by the children are so lovely to see and they love making them, so what could be easier than some cute little festive kits from Baker Ross.   They have some really lovely ones to try out this year and my two children have spent the last week or so beavering away after school getting them ready to hang throughout the house.  With everything from scratch art, sewing, sticking and colouring available they really do get to try out different skills and produce some beautiful, fun pieces.

wp_20161126_10_28_58_pro-1Eager to start making decorations the children have been busy creating, loving every minute of putting these simple to use kits together.  The scratch art caught both their eyes and they were engrossed in scratching the black overlay to reveal rainbow colours underneath.


The results of the scratch art are incredibly effective and we have these pinned up on our kitchen wall to brighten it up over the festive season.


Miss enjoyed making the padded reindeers and I was really pleased at how she just got on with the sewing herself.  All I had to do was tie knot in the end of the wool for her.  I think these look absolutely fabulous and are decorations that we will treasure for many years bringing them out again as they look so cute and effective!

6tag_051216-200956The Santa and Elf foam sticky packs are really simple to assemble and kept the children occupied for ages creating all different combinations of glasses, hats, gloves etc. on the character templates.  Again they look fabulous and I can’t wait to string them along my front room to add to the festive feel!



Again, more successful crafting with Baker Ross, the kids love the kits, they are minimal mess and the results are incredibly fantastic.  I know our house will look bright, colourful and festive this year!  Why don’t you get your kids crafting with Baker Ross kits for the festive season?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.





Autumn Crafts with Baker Ross

Autumn crafts are so lovely with the pretty colours and really get the kids thinking about trees and leaves and encourages their desire to start collecting Autumnal items.  They’ve really enjoyed making some Autumn inspired kits from Baker Ross to use and hang up around the house.

wp_20161103_10_59_51_proThe children got stuck in straightaway, they love crafts and they love the ease and effectiveness of the Baker Ross kits.  They always look so impressive when finished and we love hanging them up around the house to enjoy.


Both children enjoyed colouring in the bookmarks while Miss M did the cross stitch for them both.  Meanwhile Mister B got creative with some Autumn themed foam stickers.  He made a wonderful picture which we have up on our kitchen wall and he loves telling people what each of the animals are doing in it.autumn-baker-ross-2 My favourite has to be these  Autumn leaves, in bright Autumnal colours.  The children loved creating these using coloured sand to pour onto sticky templates.  You simply peel off the section of leaf that you wish to colour in and then pour the sand on.  It really is that simple and the result is a stunning, brightly coloured leaf. I was keen to show these off so have tied the ribbons along a length of cord and have it hanging across my back doors to my garden and it always gets admired at by visitors.

Again the Baker Ross crafts have been a success and we look forward to showing you more in the future. These kits are really worthwhile and keep the kids occupied.  Seeing them happy with what they produce is great and they make some lovely themed decorations for our house throughout the year.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Halloween crafts from Baker Ross

Kids just love Halloween and there are a range of fun crafts to make from Baker Ross that fit the Halloween theme.  We’ve been trying out a selection of those available including some super cute pom pom decorations.

wp_20161008_12_48_58_proWe started with the Haunted House Photo Frame Magnet Kits which are super easy to make and look really effective which keeps little ones occupied and they get to see a great result within a short amount of time.  All the pieces are made of foam and there are lots of brightly Halloween coloured shapes with a sticky peel off back which allows you to build up the images around the frame.


Mister B loved making his frame and decided to frame himself in the middle until we have a chance to print out a photo and stick to the back.  When you have put a picture in the centre there are some sticky magnets to attach to the back which then allows you to use these as spooky pictures to attach to the fridge.

baker-ross-halloween-2The next Halloween craft from Baker Ross are the super cute Pom Pom Decoration Kits.  I absolutely love these as do the children who did require some assistance making these but they were really intrigued to see the wool turn into a pom pom shape. baker-ross-halloween-3These look fabulous, Mister B made the purple bat which he is really proud of and his sister Miss M made the green spider.


As you can see these look fabulous and we will be hanging these up by their ribbons to decorate the fireplace in time for Halloween.  A really effective craft that is fun and looks great – I think I’ll be keeping these tucked away to hang up again next year!


We finished up by colouring in some skull patterned mini gift bags.  These are a lovely size to pack a few sweets in, perfect if you are having a Halloween themed party for kids or if you have a few young relatives popping round at Halloween.  A fun activity for kids to colour in and then fill their bag with a few goodies.

baker-ross-halloween-4My children were delighted with the Halloween crafting range from Baker Ross this year and think that all the items look great and it has got them increasingly excited for Halloween this year.  They are now planning their costumes and deciding what designs we should carve in our pumpkins this year.wp_20161011_16_38_32_pro

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.




Summer Crafts with Baker Ross

One thing that never fails to occupy the kids is crafts, be it sunny or rainy, Baker Ross have a huge selection of crafts to keep the children busy over the Summer months.  We took a look at just a small selection of what is on offer and both my children, age 8 and 5 loved them!

baker ross summerFirst up, my daughter had her eye on the Paracord Bracelet Kits, which we opened up and I helped her start one off.  She was soon able to continue on her own, with a simple cross over and loop of the threads, a pattern soon emerged and it didn’t actually take that long to complete a bracelet.  She was enjoying it so much, she sat and spent the afternoon creating all of the six bracelets in the pack.  It kept her thoroghly entertained and she couldn’t wait to wear all of her creations!

baker ross summer 2Next up we tried the Sealife Spiral Notebook Kits, which I think look so cute once completed.  They consist of a plain page spiral bound notebook with foam covers.  There are sticky backed foam shapes with each one that turns into a different sealife creature on the front of each one.

baker ross summer 4The designs are simple and effective, even my 5yr old just got on with it and created the turtle all by himself.  He even added some other effects to his finished design.  I love these notepads and think they’d be great for a party activity, or something to do when you have friends over as it’s nice for them to take away an item that they can use after.

baker ross summer 3The Farmyard Stampers are fun for little ones. With familiar animals the set allows children to print out their own farm scenes.  I put a large sheet of brown paper out in the garden and let Mister B stamp away for an afternoon over which he had great fun!

One of our favourite activities has to be the Beach Self Adhesive Art Sheets which we got along with the ten mini bags of Glitter Sand.  Each picture has a pre cut layer which can be peeled back in sections to reveal a sticky background.  You can then sprinkle your chosen colour of sand in that  particular area before peeling off the next section.

baker ross summer 5Both my children became completely engrossed in this activity, they really enjoyed it and I think their finished pictures look amazing.  This is different from any craft they have done before and the results are so effective.  We really loved doing this and is something they have already asked to do again.

baker ross summer 6

As you can see we have had lots of fun with the Baker Ross Summer crafts box this month, hopefully some of the activities will inspire you of ways to keep your children occupied this Summer.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.















Father’s Day Craft Ideas with Baker Ross

With Father’s Day around the corner it’s time to get the kids busy making cute little presents and the perfect place to find some simple to use Father’s Day craft kits for this purpose is Baker Ross.  With ready cut pieces which simply require assembling and decorating, children will love creating something to give to their daddy.

baker ross

These delightful wooden kits above are perfect for Father’s Day crafts or any other occasion in fact and my two children couldn’t wait to start decorating.  You really can use anything you want to decorate, paint, pens, sequins, glitter glue and come up with numerous designs.  My two started with the tool box kits which require simple assembly and then they simply painted them.  It was actually grandad’s birthday last week so they made the first ones for him and filled them with chocolate bars and will make the other ones in the set for daddy for Father’s Day.

baker ross 4The boxes looked bright and effective once complete and would make a great desk tidy or such like when given as a gift.

baker ross 5

We then moved onto the keyrings which come in a variety of pre cut shapes, already attached to a keyring.  All these require are some colour and creative designs to make them a great simple gift for kids to pass onto to adults for any occasion.

baker ross 2

The children loved sitting colouring these in and deciding which members of the family they were going to give each one to.

baker ross 3We also had a pack of Braiding cords, which I have to say I haven’t seen or done since my childhood.  I couldn’t wait to show Miss M how they are done and completed this pink and purple one to show her.  With so many colours in the pack you can really create any colour scheme you want to, and she is now working on a blue and white one for daddy which is about half way through.  Great little activity to get little fingers to practice their fine motor skills on!

baker ross 6As usual we’ve loved the Baker Ross craft supplies and they have provided hours of fun for the children.  Also some great kits that can be used for Father’s Day crafts too!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Easter Crafting with Baker Ross

Easter crafts are always fun for the children and Baker Ross have a wonderful choice of easy to make kits that always look great when finished.  For Easter there is everything from cross stitch card shapes, make your own jigsaws, and some rather lovely scratch art birds.

With Spring finally here and the sun starting to shine in the garden, the children couldn’t wait to paint the Wooden Apple Bird Feeders.  These little wooden house shapes have a metal pole across the centre upon which you can place an apple and then hang from a tree for the birds to eat from.  We have plenty of birds in our back garden so we couldn’t wait to get these up in the trees to see the birds enjoying them.

baker ross easter 1With birds in mind, we had some really lovely scratch art bird kits, perfect for Easter crafts, that the children love to do.  The scratching is really simple to do and my 5 yr old sat eagerly creating a pretty design on his birds wings.  The scratch art effect underneath the main colour is rainbow coloured which is really fun and bright.  He also enjoyed making designs on the Make your own jigsaws.  The first one he made was a volcano with lava coming out, not particularly Easter themed, but a design he thought up himself and enjoyed doing.

baker ross easter 2I love the Baker Ross cross stitch kits.  A simple piece of shaped card that you colour in, and then cross stitch on top with a chunky plastic needle.  8yr old Miss M loves these and tried the egg shaped one first.  These are bright and fun and make a great gift for grandparents at Easter or are also great hung up as Easter decorations.

baker ross easter 3As usual Baker Ross have provided a great selection of crafts to do for Easter.  We also got some golden coloured plastic eggs which we plan to hang some ribbon from and put a little chocolate egg inside and then hang around the garden as part of our Easter hunt.  I’m sure they will prove highly popular with the children and lots of fun on Easter Sunday!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Valentine’s crafts from Baker Ross

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s a great time to get kids crafting, and there’s nothing better than a pile of Baker Ross goodies to get them going.  The kits are simple to use, and come with practically everything you need and importantly always give effective results that children are proud off.


We started with some Heart Fuse Bead Kits, which came with heart templates and a variety of coloured beads.  Both children sat down and eagerly created their patterns taking inspiration from the image sheet provided.

baker ross 1

They both got quite engrossed and were determined to finish.  The prospect of me ironing their designs and them seeing the finished piece stuck together was exciting and they were thrilled with the finished results!

baker ross 3

We then moved onto bookmarks which are a great size and perfect for children to use or give to an adult as a gift.  The bookmarks first need to be coloured in and then some cross stitch added to the top, using a child friendly plastic needle.  You also get several colours of thread to choose from.

When my daughter started colouring one of these, my 5yr old boy really wanted to join in too, and it was his first ever go at sewing which he really loved and put his full concentration into – I just love his finished bookmark!

baker ross 2

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Christmas Craft with Baker Ross

A great time of year to do craft with the children is Christmas, as the children can decorate the house in all their lovely creations and give the house a festive feel.  As usual Baker Ross have come up with some really simple but effective crafts for children that didn’t disappoint and have kept the children occupied over recent weeks.

Baker RossWe started with some peg angels which are so much easier to make than they look and I think the finished decoration is really pretty and effective.

Baker ross 2All the pieces are sticky backed and simply stick around the peg to make the angel.  A dab of glue for the hair and some ribbon to hang her up by her wings, and there you have it, a sparkly, festive angel to hang up and enjoy.  The children were quite pleased with these and couldn’t wait to start crafting some more!

Baker ross 3We then tried our hand at some lanterns and again these were easy to do, but gave us a really effective result.  The black background is pre cut and the children enjoyed pressing out the shapes.  Then simply glue a coloured tissue onto the back and fold the lantern into shape.

Baker ross 5They have a loop at the top so we are planning on hanging them on some ribbon to adorn the house this Christmas.  With the coloured tissue behind the windows, these look great against held up to the light.

Baker ross 6The foam Snowman house kit was great fun and Miss M really enjoyed assembling it along with sticking the decorative shapes around the outside.  The pieces simply pressed out of foam sheets, which Mister B did before passing them to Miss M to build.  Again I have to say how effective this looks once finished and has taken pride of place in our front room windowsill for the festive season.

Baker ross 4The children love these thick card tree decorations which simply required decorating in any way they chose.  They love the Deco pens from Baker Ross and used them to come up with their designs.  These look pretty hanging from our mantelpiece or could easily be hung from the tree as they come with pre attached gold threads.

Baker ross 7We’ve had lots of fun with the Baker Ross Christmas craft selection and would highly recommend them.  There are so many more available that it’s well worth checking out the website and finding some to suit your children.  I love the idea of children making their own decorations, it’s fun to do and they love seeing the results of their efforts pinned up for everyone to see.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the crafts in order to write an honest review.

Halloween craft from Baker Ross – Review

Halloween is a time of year my children love, dressing up, carving pumpkins and lots of spooky crafts.  Baker Ross has a wonderful selection of children’s crafts that different and fun, in fact both my children thoroughly enjoyed this selection.

baker ross halloweenThey were keen to decorate the top hats which I think is a really fun idea as it gives them something to wear at the end of it.   We also received some brightly coloured foam skull stickers to use and along with some coloured pens the children got to work.

baker ross halloween 2The hats came in three pieces which were easy to stick together with a bit of pva glue.  Once finished they looked fun as well as scary due to the bright colours and my children proudly paraded them around the house and are keeping them ready to wear on Halloween!

baker ross halloween 3Next we had a go at the stained glass monkey decorations which were really effective.  The monkeys come with pre punched shapes that the children enjoyed popping out.  Then they cut pieces of coloured cellophane which they glued onto the back of the monkey.

baker ross halloween 4This was simpler to do than I initially thought as you didn’t have to be that neat or precise with the cutting out as once the monkey is turned over you can’t see all the cellophane shapes and just see an amazing stain glass effect.  I thought these looked really good especially held up to the light!

baker ross halloween 5The haunted houses scratch art are fabulous, I never expected them to be so easy to scratch and the sparkly silver effect that they reveal underneath is really effective.  The pack comes with pre cut black haunted house shapes in various designs along with some plastic sticks to scratch with.

baker ross halloween 6Just a gentle touch was required with the stick to uncover a wonderful sparkly silver.  I wasn’t sure this activity would be suitable for my youngest but he proved me wrong and without any assistance, created a staircase with a spider hanging down and a bat flying overhead – I was so impressed.  Miss M on the other hand was well away inspired by the designs on the front of the packet.

baker ross halloween 7We absolutely love the sparkly finished designs and will be decorating our house with these for Halloween.

All the Baker Ross Halloween inspired crafts have been fabulous and an excellent way for children to be creative, a lot of fun with some great results!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the crafts in order to write the review.