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Everything You Need to Make the Big Day Extra Special

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Planning a wedding? Chances are, you’re well aware just how much work is going to have to go into this process to bring things together and create an event to remember. There are countless different types of weddings out there, so choosing a theme or style of wedding to start with is a gargantuan task, never mind all of the processes and decision making that goes into making your dream a reality. But don’t fret. Here’s a guide that will outline some of the key features you need to take into consideration and arrange to get your big day off to the best start possible.

Wedding Planners

The first decision you should make when planning a wedding is what help do you need? Would you consider hiring a wedding planner? This comes at a cost, but will see a professional who knows all the tricks of the trade bring everything together on your behalf. The alternative is to take DIY approach and tackle each element of wedding planning yourself in your free time. They key factors here tend to be cost (and whether you have the budget or would rather invest the wedding planning fees into other elements of your day), as well as the time you have available and how hands on you want to be in the planning process. There’s no right or wrong answer with this one. It will depend entirely on personal circumstances and preferences.

Partnership and Compromise

Remember that this is a big day for two people – both you and your partner. You need to make sure that you’re both happy with any decisions being made when you plan. Seeing as you will both have different preferences, interests and priorities, it’s likely that you will both have to compromise in some areas to make sure that the day is magical for both of you. While one or the other may take charge with planning, both should have equal say in what goes on for the day itself.


Sure, the big day may be about the two of you. But for most people, the wedding is about their guests too. It’s about sharing this special moment with those who are nearest and dearest to you. Make sure to choose your guestlist and send out invites as far in advance as possible. This will ensure that people have plenty of notice and will maximise the chances of people being able to attend. Remember, attending a wedding can mean guests need to book time off work, arrange childcare and perhaps arrange transport and accommodation if they are travelling for the event.

A Schedule

Different weddings will have different elements. Some people prioritise the ceremony. Some will prioritise the reception. Some will want certain elements of the day that won’t appear in others. A good way to ensure that everything that is important to you fits into the day is to create a schedule. This will give you a good idea of how the day will go, as well as what can reasonably be achieved within the time you have.

Hopefully, these key areas will stand out in your planning process, helping you to make your big day as special as possible.

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