Cartilage Implants For Improved Nasal Tip Shape 

Cartilage Implants For Improved Nasal Tip Shape 

If you find that you’re dissatisfied with the shape of the tip of your nose, whether it’s hooked or too pointy, there are a variety of ways that this issue can be corrected. The primary treatment used to fix the shape of the nasal tip is the rhinoplasty procedure. With the rhinoplasty procedure, cartilage implants can be used to alter the shape and overall appearance of your nose to something you’re more fond of. While the tip of your nose is just one small portion of it, it’s also the most noticeable part of the nose, which is why you should consider the rhinoplasty procedure if you want a change.  

How Cartilage Implants Can Improve Your Nasal Tip Shape  

Many people find that they don’t love the shape of the tip of their nose, which can be due to it being too bulbous or too pointy. Whatever the reason, there’s a very easy fix that can correct the issue while still allowing your nose to have a natural shape and appearance. The usage of cartilage implants allows you to alter the tip of your nose in any way you see fit. This cartilage can be taken from a variety of areas around your body and can be placed inside the tip of the nose. The procedure is a simple and straightforward one that takes hardly any time to complete.  

Cartilage implants can be created from the septum of your nose or from the small area around around the middle of your nose between the two nostrils. In some situations, you may not have enough cartilage in these areas that can be taken and placed within the tip of your nose. If this is the case with you, cartilage implants can also be made from cartilage found in a small section of a rib or your ear. No matter where the cartilage is taken from, the implants made from the cartilage will be able to increase the size of your nasal tip to create better balance along your face.  

 Why You Should Consider Rhinoplasty Surgery  

When you are considering improving your nasal tip shape, there are several things that you should consider. To be a good candidate for this procedure, it’s important that you’re completely aware of how these cartilage implants will change the appearance of your nose and are ready for these changes. This is a big change to the appearance of both your nose and your face, which is why you need to be confident that the procedure is right for you. Your plastic surgeon will be able to answer any questions that you may have and will be able to help you determine if cartilage implants are the correct way to go in regards to improving your nasal tip shape.  

Other signs that indicate you are a good candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure is if the growth within your facial features is complete, if you are generally healthy, and if you don’t smoke. The most important thing to remember before you’ve scheduled this procedure is that you need to set realistic goals. While cartilage implants through rhinoplasty surgery can help to improve your nasal tip shape, the results may not allow for your ideal nose shape. Make sure that you talk about all of this with your surgeon.  

Benefits of the Rhinoplasty Procedure  

The primary benefit with using cartilage implants to improve your nasal tip shape is that it can improve your appearance and help you obtain a symmetrical and straight nose that you can be happy with. A rhinoplasty surgery is also a very common type of plastic surgery that is considered to be minimally invasive. If the tip of your nose was so narrow that it was causing health problems, the opening up of your nasal tip can help with breathing issues and sinus problems that you may have experienced in the past.  

Although a rhinoplasty surgery does bring with it a set of risks and potential complications, the majority of these are rare, particularly if you choose a rhinoplasty surgeon who is reputable and has earned your trust. The usage of cartilage implants is also among the safest techniques used in plastic surgery. If the cartilage can be removed from another area of your nose, this means that the operation site is kept small and localized, possibly minimizing the amount of stitches or sutures that you will need once the procedure has been completed.  

How Does a Rhinoplasty Procedure Work For Cartilage Implants?   

Like nearly all types of plastic surgery, a rhinoplasty will begin with the surgeon providing you with anesthesia, either to numb the pain or to put you to sleep while the procedure occurs. Since you are having cartilage implants placed within your nose, the only incisions that need to be made are ones within the tip of your nose and others in the area where the cartilage is being removed from. If the cartilage is being taken from the area between your nostrils, the incisions will be small and the skin will be raised while the cartilage is removed. After the cartilage has been placed within your nasal tip, the skin will be draped back over and the incisions will be closed with sutures.  

Although the procedure is a simple one, you will still need to recover. The recovery for a rhinoplasty will usually involve the application of a splint inside your nose in order to keep the nose in its correct position as it heals. The swelling that you experience should fully subside after several weeks. As the new cartilage implants settle inside your nose, the tip can slightly change shape for up to a year.  

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