Dr Oetker Pud in a Mug

Dr Oetker Pud in a Mug range are delicious hot desserts cooked in under two minutes in a mug making them super quick, easy and with minimal effort required. Ideal if you are home alone and want a quick treat but equally good for all the family and they can each pick their favourite flavours for dessert.

Available in a variety of tasty flavours:

  • Sticky Toffee
  • Rich Chocolate
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate

We couldn’t wait to try a few of them out and the children were keen to get involved measuring out tablespoons of milk into their mugs and then stirring in the mix from the packet.

You then simply pop each one into the microwave for the required time, anything from 50-90 seconds depending on the flavour.  As these were new to us we decided to share the mug cakes and put them in the centre of the table so we could tuck in to each on and check them out.

So the results are in for Dr Oetkers Pud in a Mug desserts!

Rich Chocolate was a firm favourite by all of us closely followed by the new addition to the range Sticky Toffee.  The Chocolate Chip was ok but didn’t turn out as good as the others, the ones with a gooey sauce were definitely better and ones we’d consider using again.

So all in all  the Dr Oetker Pud in a Mug cakes are a success.  Considering how quick they take in the microwave, you can’t fault them and all you need to add is a little milk.  Also there is minimal mess with just a mug and spoon being used.  For a quick treat for one or to give people a choice of flavour they are a great solution for dessert ideas but for me I think they make a perfect store cupboard buy so you can grab one whenever you fancy a gooey hot dessert in an instant!

This is a collaborative post with Dr Oetker.


Luxury Desserts from Pots & Co

Every now and then, we all enjoy a little indulgence with our food and Pots & Co have come up with just that.  A range of luxury desserts that can be bought at the supermarket to consume in your own home and they come self contained in a reusable ceramic pot.

wp_20160901_10_35_03_proAll of the flavours and recipes have been designed by Michelin star chefs using only the finest ingredients and sourcing the freshest ingredients to bring top restaurant quality desserts to your home.

With a wide range of exciting flavours such as ‘Roasted Hazelnut and Chocolate Pot‘, there really is something for all tastebuds and we got to try a few out to see how they faired.

Lemon and Lime Posset is deliciously zingy, with a fresh mouthwatering flavour.  The dish is rich but somehow has a quite a light texture, which makes it very easy to eat and the texture is exceptionally smooth.  We enjoyed this very much and think this would be great on warmer days when you want something cool and refreshing.

Rhubarb & Custard is a flavour I’ve always enjoyed and with this being a chilled dessert it gives the flavour combination a new twist.  With a smooth Madagascan vanilla custard set upon a rhubarb compote, I found this really tasty with it’s rich and creamy texture.

wp_20160903_12_55_29_proThese desserts are generously sized for one, particularly due to their rich flavours.  I love that they can just be opened and eaten, great when you want a special dinner with little effort.  A few of them do require to be oven heated but even then the dessert comes complete with it’s own ramekin ready to eat out of.  The great thing about the ramekins is that they are reusable, so don’t throw them out, use them as a snack pot, to cook your own dessert in or even something completely non food related.

Available from selected stores including everyday supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose, why not take a look, there’s sure to be a flavour to tempt you!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.