Fun in the park on a Sunday Afternoon

Last weekend, the husband was working and I was home alone with the children.  I hadn’t really planned anything to do and they were desperate to get out and down to the local park.  It was cold but dry so how could I refuse them some fresh air fun.

Miss M wanted to go on her roller blades which she absolutely loves, in fact I can’t believe how well she does on them considering she is only just six and doesn’t get a lot of opportunities to practice.

park 1 Fun in the park on a Sunday AfternoonWith the park quite empty, they ran around freely having a go on everything that took their fancy, giggling together as they played completely carefree in the cold, breezy air.

park 2 Fun in the park on a Sunday AfternoonNo matter how cold it was, their spirits never dropped, their smiles never wavered, whilst mummy sat huddled on a bench in a bid to keep warm!

park 3 Fun in the park on a Sunday AfternoonAfter exhausting all the activities in the park, we wandered across to the pretend road, a great little area where children can play on their bikes, scooters and in Miss M’s case, her roller blades.  Mister B stood on the painted garage and insisted Miss M brought her roller blades to the garage to be fixed!!

park 4 Fun in the park on a Sunday AfternoonAfter a fun filled but cold afternoon, we headed home, Miss M on her roller blades gliding hand in hand with Mister B.  I love watching them both get on so well and enjoying each others company.

park 5 Fun in the park on a Sunday AfternoonMummy was relieved to get home and warm up, I must remember to dress up a bit more next time, having forgotten my gloves and could have done with an extra layer, but it was worth it to watch my two little ones having a few hours of outdoor fun together!


5 thoughts on “Fun in the park on a Sunday Afternoon

  1. It sounds and looks like they had such fun together and how lucky to have the park to themselves. With all the rain we’ve been having you have to take advantage of when it’s dry. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

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