About Me

I’m a married mummy to 2 little stars, the amazing Miss M who’s 9 and the gorgeous Mister B who’s 6. I’m currently juggling motherhood with part time work to ensure we have plenty of quality family time together.

Based in Plymouth, Devon, we love to play, bake, be creative, go to the park, days out, holidays etc.  Family games always bring us together at home, something that both children enjoy playing along with helping me to cook.

Me – I’m a 40+ mum who loves to look after her skin and try new beauty products.  When I do get a bit of spare time without the children I love to bake – cakes, biscuits, bread, I try my hand at anything and have plenty of taste testers at home to try it out.  To relax a glass of something bubbly can always be found in my hand, although there is nothing better than enjoying watching my children grow, seeing their latest antics and spending a day out and about with them.

Miss M who’s 9 loves art, crafts and making things, she also loves baking little cupcakes and biscuits for us on the weekends.  She enjoys outdoor life and has become very sporty, becoming a good swimmer, attends weekly athletics, rugby, gymnastics, sailing and whatever other sporting opportunities come up at the time, whilst at home can be found cycling, scooting or trampolining!  In quieter times she can be found building Lego, reading a book or doing art.  She also enjoys board games and plays them either with Mister B or we all play as a family.

Mister B is 6 and has a love for learning which can be seen in his play as he loves to write or practice his maths skills.  He is fond of  messy play, be it in sand, water, mud, play dough – you name it – he’s there!  He can always be found playing with his figure toys and trucks indoors if he isn’t building a den or making his bedroom a ‘grown up’ free zone patrolling the door with robots.  Overall he’s a content little boy with a great sense of humour always making us laugh.  He loves to play using his full imagination and have can always be found having fun or showing us his dance moves!