Oyster Brightening Eye Serum

Oyster Brightening Eye Serum is a brand new premium brand formulated in British laboratories.  It is also vegan and contains a multitude of natural active ingredients to produce a lightweight serum that gives results.  Although perfume free it has a subtle aroma of essential oil – lavender, grapefruit and mandarin.

It comes in an easy to dispense pump style bottle and just enough serum comes out to use around both eyes.  It’s easily absorbed and I found it great to use both morning and at night time.  It’s more powerful ingredients include smoothing Hyaluronic acid, anti-wrinkle Pentapeptides and Co-enzyme Q10 along with antioxidant Green Tea & Raspberry Extracts and gently soothing Cornflower.  Combined the ingredients tackle anti ageing, puffy eyes and dark circles.

I have been using this for the last couple of weeks and love the feel of it around my eye area.  It is a transparent gel like serum that feels soothing and hydrating on application but you can also feel it’s gentle firming effects.  My eye area looks brighter and more youthful which is a great way to start the day and the perfect base for my eyes before applying moisturiser and make up.

I’m really pleased with the Oyster Brightening Eye Serum and will enjoy continuing to use as well as being a product I would be happy to purchase again in the future.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Doing the Bacofoil Baco-Shake

Food getting stuck to baking trays and foil is always a pain.  I’m a regular user of foil and tend to cook easy dinners on it (you know the ones from the freezer – chips, nuggets, pizza and such like!) but I always find a little corner or edge of food always sticks somewhere and I then spend the next few minutes picking off the little silver bits of foil – arghhh!

This is where Bacofoil comes in with it’s super non-stick power, along with a little trick that I’ve learnt.  Who new that it was the dull side of the foil that is non-stick?  Well neither did I and I always cook on the shiny side of foil, but having learnt this fact I was eager to try it out, not to mention it’s healthy benefits as no oil is needed and also reduces the amount of washing up – got to be a bonus!

We’ve had a few disasters with pizza over the last few months with the edges getting completely stuck to foil so I knew that it was a pizza that I wanted to do the Bacofoil Baco-shake challenge with.  Remembering to use the dull side of the foil I watched my pizza cook in the oven then grabbing my oven glove I took it out ready to do the Baco-shake.

You can watch it below here:

Well I think the results speak for themselves – it was like a miracle, the pizza just slid around the foil and lifted off with no foil attached whatsoever.  I love this product and it will be a staple in my kitchen from now on.

Why not give the Bacofoil Baco-Shake challenge a go for yourself and share it with them on either their Twitter or Facebook pages along with the hashtag #BacofoilBacoShake

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WIN the New Fireman Sam DVD – Sam’s Birthday

Everybody’s favourite fireman is back with a new DVD collection of tales and rescue in Fireman SamSam’s Birthday”, released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 3rd April.

Join the ultimate hero next door and his crew for new, exciting adventures.  Fireman Sam lives in the accident-prone town of Pontypandy, where he helps with fighting fires, manning the lifeboat, helping the mountain rescue, or joining up with the emergency medical services. With his colourful cast of helpers, he is always there to lend a hand!

In this new DVD release it’s Fireman Sam’s birthday and Charlie has asked Joe to make Sam a remote control model of Jupiter as a surprise present. At the Fire Station, Station Officer Steele has told Sam, as it’s his birthday, he should relax for the day. However, will the birthday party go ahead as planned for everyone’s favourite hero next door?

Episodes featured in this charming collection are:

  •  Sam’s Birthday
  • Pontypandy in the Park
  • Paddle On
  • The Great Party Panic
  • Pizza Pandemonium. 


To win a copy of the DVD, just fill in the Gleam form below:

Fireman Sam dvd

Lee Stafford No Strings Attached Cordless Straightener

Lee Stafford No Strings Attached Cordless Straightener has revolutioned my hair routine in the mornings.  I love being cord free and moving around the room, looking in whatever mirror I please to do my hair.  The other big bonus is the stand to put these in, no more worrying about leaving hot irons on the floor or side where someone might knock them when they are hot or trip over the cord.

What do you get in the box?

Well I was very impressed with the contents.  Along with the straighteners was a heat mat and zip up bag for storage.

The cordless straighteners themselves are just lovely, a bold bright pink and easy to hold.  They have a stand which allows them to sit upright in and a cord which can either go directly into the straighteners as per normal ones, or into the base resulting in the straighteners being cordless when you use them.

So what are they like to use?

I love them!  They are now my go to straightener every morning that I wish to straighten my hair.  I love the way they stand upright in the holder.  They reach a good heat which should last up to 15 mins before needing to put them back in the holder to heat up again.  I find that plenty of time although sometimes I just pop them back in for a few minutes while I comb my hair and then just go over a few bits that need it.

The Lee Stafford No Strings Attached Cordless Straightener to use, I’d recommend them to anyone.  There’s no chance of them rolling about on the floor, you can walk around as you are using them rather than being tied to the corner of the bedroom and they give me the results that I want with my hair.  Plus the fact that they look good standing in the corner of my dressing table.  An all round winner for me!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Our Jacky Ha-Ha Girls Book Club

Jacky Ha-Ha by James Patterson a top selling author, is a perfect read for girls age 9+.  Packed full of fun and jokes as it follows Jacky Ha-Ha’s day to day life in which she can’t help cracking jokes and seeing the funny side in everything.  She turns any dull moment into a laugh sometimes without thinking it through but is this just a cover for the emotions she is feeling inside?  We were sent a bundle of books and goodies to hold a girls book club at home and my 9yr old Miss M was excited to invite a group of her school friends round.

“With her irresistible urge to tell a joke in every situation – even when she really, really shouldn’t – twelve-year-old Jacky Ha-Ha loves to make people laugh. And cracking wise helps distract her from thinking about not-so-funny things in her life, like her mum serving in a dangerous, faraway war, and a dad who’s hardly ever home.
But no matter how much fun Jacky has, she can’t seem to escape her worries. So one starlit night, she makes a promise to keep her family together… even if she has to give up the one thing that makes her happy. But can she stop being Jacky Ha-Ha, if that’s who she really is?”

The girls all arrived rather excitedly and couldn’t wait to share their thoughts on the book.  They were all enjoying what they had read so we started off by having a little chat, talking about some questions from the prompt sheet I had been sent such as:

  • How did Jacky get her nickname?
  • What are some of your talents?
  • Have you ever stuck up for a friend in the way Jacky sticks up for Meredith?

It was lovely hearing the girls chat and discuss things that we wouldn’t have otherwise and they all seemed to have fun, being inspired by what others said which led them to think of other things to say.  It certainly seems to help reiterate the story line of the book and got the girls to think about parts of their life they may not have otherwise.  They also recalled funny bits they remembered which set them all off in giggles!

Although the book is quite lengthy, it is broken up with black and white images on most pages which the girls enjoyed and helped maintain their interest whilst reading.  Ideal for girls from 9 to 12 years old it is a busy story line but one with meaning and depth behind it.

Once the discussions were over it was time for some fun.  The girls happily did their word searches and coloured the props for the Jacky Ha-Ha photo booth, whilst sucking lollipops and enjoying a refreshing glass of lemonade.

The photo booth was a huge success and they posed in various ways whilst giggling together.

We really enjoyed the Jacky Ha-Ha book club and would definitely like to hold another in the future.  The girls weren’t sure what to expect at first but found it fun and loved that they were all reading the same book.  It certainly helped the girls bond and reinforced their love of reading!

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Bunchems! 3D Creations Fun for Kids

Bunchems! from Spin Master are clever little colourful balls that stick together and can be built up to create 3D structures simply and easily.  Just as quick you have built one, you can also pull it apart and rebuild into something totally different.  My children have been eyeing this up over the last few months so I knew they’d be eager to try them out and have fun seeing if they were as good as they thought from the adverts!

We received a Mega Pack and Under the Sea glow in the dark pack of Bunchems! to try out.  Within these sets there are plenty of coloured pieces to start playing with a long with what I thought was a good selection and variety of accessories which can be stuck onto your creations to add personality and bring them alive.

My 6yr old who has been eager to try these for a while, got stuck straight in and was building things all by himself.  I was really impressed at how easy and quick they are to build and certainly kept both him and his 9yr old entertained all afternoon.  The circle pieces have tiny hooks on the end of the spikes which simply hook together as you push them close.  There are also small holes in one side which the accessories attach to.

Within just a few minutes my little boy had recreated this rather cute bird that he saw on the front of the box.  He was very proud of it and I was amazed he made it so quickly and independently.

Before long I was being shown lots of wonderful creations – they all look fabulous!

I think Bunchems! are great and perfect for a range of ages although I’d say my 6yr old enjoyed them the most.  They are non messy and great to do on a table or tray and can just be stored in a box when play has finished (we found a lidded plastic box perfect).  For a different way to craft, create and have fun, then Bunchems! are a great toy to try out.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Wild! Science Cake Soap Factory

With British Science Week upon us, the sets from Wild! Science are perfect for children to experiment with various things and come up with some fun creations.  We’ve been trying out the Wild! Science Cake Soap Factory and I’m amazed at some of the fun edible looking soaps Miss M has come up with. If you do try out one of the Wild! Science kits then be sure to keep your receipt as there is a chance to win a fabulous competition to Orlando Florida!

The set includes everything you need to make the soaps from transparent soap blocks, pigment soap blocks, colours, stirring sticks, glitter, 2 plastic measuring beakers, piping bag & nozzles and of course a cake shaped mould tray.

9yr old Miss M was eager to get started and we found the instructions simple to follow and carry out.  You simply put various amounts of blocks of glycerine soap and pigment into a beaker and melt it in the microwave.  Once in liquid form you can add drops of colouring and stir in, then before it turns to a solid again, quickly pour it into the moulds to set.  We repeated this process several times making different colours and multiple cake pieces.

Miss M’s favourite part was whisking up some water with liquid soap to form a foamy soap which can be piped between or on top of cakes to represent cream.  This was great fun but you have to work quickly before it sets.

Aren’t the finished soaps beautiful?  In fact we think they look good enough to eat although of course they won’t be very tasty!

The Wild! Science Cake Soap Factory is a fantastic educational set in which you can experiment with liquids and solids.  It is fun to use and has been thoroughly enjoyed by my 9yr old who can’t wait to use her new soaps in the bath and shower.

It’s well worth getting a Wild! Science play set at the moment as they have an amazing competition running at the moment.  The Wild! Science Global Challenge is giving families (2 adults and 2 children) a chance to win:

  • A trip to Orlando Florida
  • Entry to Disney World
  • Accomodation to a 5 star resort for 7 days
  • Car hire for 7 days
  • A full set of Wild! Science products
  • Entry to the Kennedy Space Centre to meet a real astronaut

How to enter:

  1. Buy a Wild! Science Kit and send a receipt copy with your online application
  2. Design and create an awesome new Wild! Science Kit
  3. Write and illustrate a basic instruction book to show other kids how to use your awesome Wild! Science Kit

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.






Hot Wires Plug & Play Electronics Set

With British Science Week upon us, John Adam’s Hot Wires Plug & Play Electronics Set is the perfect toy to generate interest in electronics and circuits for children.  Miss M age 9 was very excited to try this out as apparently has recently done a similar experiment at school with some wires and a light bulb so she was eager to get started and see what she could create.

The kit contains everything you need to make over 100 experiments along with a full colour instruction booklet that sets out each one clearly.  The connector parts are numbered for ease of use and there are many parts such as lightbulbs, speaker, finger sensor, buzzer, switch, LED lights… the list goes on to the extent that once you get the hang of it you can come up with your own creations.

Miss M didn’t waste any time and was straight in the box, creating before I even got a look in and the next thing I knew, she had an invention ready to show me – it’s that simple!

Miss M and her brother had created some sound effects and thought they were hilarious as I don’t think they were expecting to be able to make multiple sounds from what they saw in the box!  After calming them down, I managed to record this brief clip of the sounds effects in action:

Next up they decided to make a doorbell.  With it having been my birthday the day before they couldn’t believe it when they pressed the finished doorbell, and the tune was that of ‘Happy Birthday’ which none of us were expecting and it was a pleasant surprise.

Overall we absolutely love this Hot Wires set, it’s safe, it’s simple to use and the possibilities are endless.  Miss M can use it independently and create some amazing things that both children enjoy looking at and playing with.  She’s managed to expand some sets with further pieces to change the pitch of the sound that she made.  This really is good to get children thinking, learning and experimenting with electrics in a safe and educational way.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.











Kion Lionguard Talking Plush Toy

The Lion Guard from Disney Junior has been a huge success both in the programme and toy ranges.  Being a spin off from the original The Lion King, it’s sure to appeal to little ones and something us adults can look back on fondly and share with our children as well as enjoy the new Lion Guard series. The new range of talking plush toys are fabulous for little ones and come in either Kion the lion or his best friend Bunga the badger.  We received Kion to try out  from Flair toys and he certainly didn’t disappoint!

Each character is approximately 30cm in size, made to an exceptionally high standard and looks great in both detail and stature.  Being high quality means this little lion plush can not only stand on it’s own four legs but can also sit down on his hind legs independently looking really cute.  A key feature on each character is the ‘Mark of the Guard’ badge on one of their fore legs which lights up as it is pressed.  Each time you press the badge you’ll here one of four unique phrases and sounds.

So what did we think of the Kion plush toy?

The Kion plush from The Lion Guard is utterly adorable and hasn’t left my little boys arms since he received it.  It goes to bed with him every night and he plays with it by day.  It’s a great size, we love it’s quality and it’s a toy I’d definitely recommend to any young The Lion Guard fans.  The detail on the face is perfect and realistic, it has a mouth that is open ready to roar and the whole body is super soft and perfect for cuddles.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.



Time Bomb Today’s Special Value on QVC

Check out QVC Sunday 12th March 2017 to get an amazing deal on Time Bomb.  The Today’s Special Value offer is selling for an amazing £46 for products that would cost £220 if purchased individually.

The ‘Big Deal Collection’ consists of:

  • Take-Off Time Cleanser (200ml; supersize) – engineered with dermatological grade crystals that gently slough off dead skin cells to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin beneath. Free from drying surfactants or harsh detergents, leaving your skin feeling moist and looking dewy
  • Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel (50ml; supersize) – highly charged with collagen, this potent, moisturising formula is designed to counteract environmental effects on your skin to create a fuller, firmer and smoother-looking complexion
  • Trouble Shooter Neck, Jaw & Chest Cream (100ml; supersize) – visibly diminishing the signs of ageing while soothing and hydrating your skin for an instant firming effect, this targeted treatment helps to enhance the appearance of suppleness and elasticity, reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and brighten the appearance of pigmentation for a more even-looking skin tone. Formulated with chrysanthellum extract, vitamin C, lanachrys, pea extract, olive oil, abyssinian oil and hyaluronic acid
  • Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H20mega (150ml; supersize) – a hydrating cocktail designed to support your skin’s surface layers, help retain moisture for an immediate plumping effect, and counter signs of skin fatigue and dehydration. Formulated with a powerful blend of 12 amino acids, two types of hyaluronic acid, high levels of vitamins B12 and B3, plus chia oil, coconut oil and brown algae

Check it out now as this offer is for today only!!

Having used various Time Bomb products both currently and in the past I can confirm that you won’t be disappointed.  They are all packed with high quality ingredients that deliver and help to protect, improve and enhance your skin.  Being in my early 40’s I need skin care with anti ageing properties to keep a youthful glow and Time Bomb works and feels great on my skin.  Get this offer while you can as it’s a great value pack to experience Time Bomb either for the first time or to stock up on your favourites!

This post is in collaboration with Time Bomb skincare.