Foldable Windsor Wellies from Butterfly Twists

With the weather rather wet at the moment, and Summer failing to make a proper appearance, it means days out can often require a pair of wellies.  Wellies are so versatile and keep you feet dry so are an essential piece of footwear whatever time of year it is.  Butterfly Twists have created a unique style of wellies, that is lightweight, foldable, yet sturdy and strong with a stylish cuff at the top, meaning you can take them on your travels, pop them in your bag on a day out, take them to festivals or simply wear them on the school run!

butterfly twists welliesI chose the Windsor style to try out which comes in a variety of colours for both the actual wellie and the cuff.  The wellie itself is soft and flexible making it easy to get on and off.  The sole is slim but feels sturdy and the cushioning under your feet is really good, making them ultra comfortable to wear and walk about in.

butterfly twists wellies 2The cuff at the top keeps your legs warm and helps prevent any breeze from blowing down inside the wellie.  The result is a smooth looking, easy to wear wellie, that is not too clumpy, particularly for the wet Summer months.  I also like the small Butterfly Twists logo on the heel of the wellie.

butterfly twists wellies 3

The big bonus with the Butterfly Twists wellies over a normal pair is the fact that they fold down for easy storage and portability.  Included in the box is a handy bag with a string at the top to pull it closed and also hang it up.  The boots easily fit folded up in there, it is generously sized and makes it easy to pop in your bag, suitcase, car boot etc.

butterfly twists wellies 4Butterfly Twists wellies are great, I actually prefer them to my traditional chunky wellies as they are easier to wear, more comfortable and a lot lighter.  I can see these being really handy throughout the year, particularly on days out with the children when we venture along trails and woodland paths or trips to the beach in the colder months.

Why not check out the range available, there are several styles and a multitude of colours available?

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Enjoying More Water with Robinsons Squash’d

With the Summer upon us, keeping the children hydrated is really important.  They love to run around outside and play as much as they can, but with the added heat of the sun I try to ensure they always have a fresh, cool drink on hand to encourage them to keep drinking.


Although my two children do drink a fair bit, I know they should be drinking more, especially in the heat, but I know they do get bored of drinking the same flavour drink, be it plain water or squash again and again.

This is where Robinsons come in with their range of Robinsons Squash’d, which comes in small handy bottles of super concentrated squash, making them ideal for taking out and about with you, in your handbag or wherever you happen to be as all it requires is a quick squirt in water to give you a glass or bottle of tasty juice!

With six flavours available, there really is something for all taste buds an I’d have to say Lemon & Lime is my favourite.

  • Summer Fruits
  • Apple & Blackcurrant
  • Orange & Peach
  • Passion Fruit & Mango
  • Citrus
  • Lemon & Lime

What I like about these is not only are they portable, but they are so small and easy to hold, that the kids can make their own drinks.  Often I’m not keen on them attempting to pour from a large bottle of squash, but these make it simple, which also makes it fun and encourages the children to make their own drink which in itself makes them drink more!

robinsons squash'd

Miss M loves experimenting with different flavours but Apple & Blackcurrant is one of her favourites.  She is exceptionally sporty (not sure where that gene came from!) and spends as much time as possible carrying out, outdoor pursuits being it climbing, roller blading, sailing, football, rugby etc.  Therefore I always have to ensure she has plenty of liquid refreshments with her.  I want her to stay hydrated to keep her energy levels up and ensure that she doesn’t dehydrate.

robinsons squash'd 2

My tips for ensuring children drink enough and keep hydrated are to:

  1. Let kids pick their own flavour and make their own bottle of squash – that way they are more likely to try it!
  2. Vary the flavours and options available to kids so they don’t get bored.
  3. Always keep a child friendly bottle to hand as kids love something fun and interesting to drink out of.
  4. Turn the drink into a slush!  Crush some ice and flavour it with Robinsons Squash’d.
  5. Make flavoured ice cubes or ice lollies for hot, sunny days – it keeps the kids refreshed and they taste great.

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons





Cetraben Dry Skin Cream Review & Giveaway

Cetraben is an emollient cream which can be used to help treat dry and sensitive skin.  It used to be prescription only but now is available to buy whenever you or your child’s skin needs something a bit richer whether it’s due to dry patches or eczema related issues.


Both my children have suffered with dry and sensitive skin in different ways since they were born and I also have a particularly dry itchy patch of skin on my leg that ordinary moisturisers don’t really help with.  We’ve been prescribed creams in the past but it’s great to know you can buy one when you need it.

Cetraben has created two different formulas, a cream and a lotion with the lotion being a lot lighter in texture than the cream which is great when you don’t want to be rubbing heavy creams in to your skin.

Both the cream and lotion contain three key ingredients:

  • Light Liquid Paraffin – replaces lost skin oils
  • White Soft Paraffin – forms a protective barrier on the skin surface
  • Glycerin – brings moisture up from deep down in the skin

I’ve tried out both textures and find they both absorb really quickly and easily leaving little greasy residue.  They are pleasant to use and have really helped with the dry patches on my leg and my little boys patches on his back.


The product comes in large style pump bottles (200ml) as well as handy smaller (50ml) bottles which are ideal for travel or keeping in your handbag.

I have two full sets of both the lotion and cream in both sizes available to giveaway to two lucky readers.

Just fill in the Gleam widget below:


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Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf – Review

If you are a fan of Zelfs then the series 6th range of figures including a Limited Edition figures are available in stores from the end of July 2016.  With Mary Go-Round, a carousel pony Zelf being the rarest limited edition Zelf yet, there are just 400 available to claim within the UK!

zelf limited edition

Mary Go-Round being a carousel pony is rather glamourous and prettily adorned.  She comes with a few accesories to style her hair, a comb and three hair elastics.  There is also a sparkly horseshoe shaped charm for you to use how you wish.  Because this is a limited edition you get a special token printed with your limited edition number on it alongside a collectors leaflet showing you the whole range of Zelfs.

zelf limited edition 2

The figure can be played with in many ways with a turning head and as well as the normal Zelf hairstyle, the carousel pony has a tail that falls in beautiful curls.  The hair feels super soft and Miss M sat stroking it for ages before attempting a ponytail with one of the bands.  With it being so smooth, it also stays tangle free which is a bonus.

zelf limited edition 3Some other cute looking Zelfs to look out for in Series 6 Crystal Zelf range are Cupie, High Tail, Magicella, Miss Terri, Noodles and Shimma.


To get hold of a limited edition Zelf, in this case Mary Go-Round the carousel pony, all you need to do is purchase at least £30 worth of 2016 Zelf’s and send your receipts along with redemption form to claim one.  All the details can be found here: Limited Edition Carousel Pony redemption

Zelfs fans can also join the Zelfs club for more competitions and Zelfs news!

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Father’s Day Cards with Postsnap & Other Gift Ideas!

With Father’s Day coming up, we all start thinking about cards, and what better than creating a personalised card for your dad, adding in photos and your own text to make a truly unique design.  This is where Postsnap come in, with their really simple greeting card app that even my children could guide themselves through to create the perfect card for daddy this year.


The app is really simple to use and can be downloaded on to any Apple device, we used daddy’s iPad but told him not to look so we can keep the cards a surprise until Father’s Day.  I like that they’ve kept the options simple so you can literally click through in a few minutes and create a fully personalised card.  It takes you through in simple steps, choosing what sort of card you want, the design you want, allows you to add photos, then text and that’s it – card made!!  Just wait for it to pop through the post a couple of days later.

Postsnap 2

The cards are really simple to put together and what I liked about the photographs is that if you don’t have any suitable ones to use, you can just use the iPad within the app to take a photo of the person and it inserts it straight into the box on the card that you have selected.  No messing around taking photos and uploading them!

I’m really pleased with these cards, they arrived with a blank envelope and both the card and envelope are of a high quality.  I know daddy will love these cards and they’ll be kept as keepsakes for many years.


If you are looking for a present for your dad or husband this year then why not go down the useful and practical route of underwear, something that every man needs and doesn’t end up as clutter!

House of Fraser have some great socks and boxer shorts sets available.  How about this brightly coloured boxset of trunks by Diesel, containing three pairs of funky coloured underwear that comfortable to wear, great for everyday use.


Or how this Emma Bridgewater mug with ‘Dad is my Hero’ printed on the outside in a fun italic print.  The mug is a good size too with being able to hold half a pint of liquid.  It’s a really nice style too and would make a great gift.


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Making life easier with Bacofoil

Bacofoil is a long established brand in the world of kitchen foil, but did you know about all the other fabulous baking paper’s and food bags that they produce?  I have spent the last few weeks trying some out and have to say they have all done the job perfectly and been a pleasure to use, preventing my food from sticking whilst cooking and keeping my sandwiches fresh on days out.


For days out over the Summer we always like to take a picnic with us and especially when it’s hot, it’s important to try to keep the food fresh and cool.  The foil sandwich bags from Bacofoil are perfect for this and will easily hold a large round of sandwiches in any size bread, great for freshly sliced bread or you could even pop a couple of rolls inside.  I found these much better than wrapping them in cling film as I usually would and they tasted perfect when we ate them a few hours later.

Bacofoil 2

I also used the kitchen foil to wrap up some other savoury items we took with us and the wrap is thick and strong and kept them protected until we ate them.

The foil is also great for grilling, we eat a lot of veggie burgers and sausages which we always grill and this foil ensures they can easily be turned over without sticking.


Our next challenge was a hit with the children – making homemade pizza which they love.  They each made their own individual bases and decorated them in tomato puree, chicken, cherry tomatoes and grated cheese.  Of course we didn’t want these to stick to the baking trays so we used pieces of Bacofoil Non-Stick Paper underneath.

Bacofoil 3

I have to say that when I slid the spatula under the hot, freshly cooked pizza’s, they just glided off the paper to the plates with ease.  It was brilliant and well worth using when you are baking anything dough based in the oven.

Bacofoil 4

This paper could also be used for biscuits, flat breads etc and makes life a whole lot easier and saves greasing baking sheets, which also makes the washing up a whole lot simpler!

I’ve love trying out the Bacofoil samples and they have all proved a success in everyday cooking and picnics out and about.  I’ll definitely be using them again, they are well worth checking out.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.





Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique Patisserie – Review

Kinetic Sand Bakery Boutique Patisserie from Spin Master is a sand making delight where you can create your own bakery items out of moulded sand and display them in the cleverly designed box that opens out into a bakery window display.

kinetic sand bakery

The kit contains everything you need, including two bags of brightly coloured sand, a selection of moulds and some cardboard pieces to add to the lid of your box and create your bakery display.  The box is simple to assemble providing shelves to put your creations on and a centrepiece in the middle for a showstopper cake!

kinetic sand bakery 2

The children couldn’t wait to get stuck into the sand as the texture is really quite therapeutic between your fingers, and being non sticky it’s a pleasure to work with.  The moulds are quite easy to operate, you just need to pack them tightly, give them a few taps and they do produce some really precisely moulded shapes.  There are also two press out cutters which work really well once you get used to them.  You need to hold the plunger up as you press down and then lift the shape out.

kinetic sand bakery 3

As you can see below, the children’s creations kept coming and they quite quickly filled the shelves with their cakes.  They enjoyed trying to make each one different and see what different combinations they could come up with.  The cakes held together quite well and as long as you don’t touch them too much they will stay as they are until you break them up again.

kinetic sand bakery 4

I think the finished bakery display looks great and the children were certainly proud of their efforts.  I think having a backdrop to put their items on really made a difference and added to the play value.

kinetic sand bakery 5What’s great about this kinetic sand is that once you made something, you can break it up again and start again, which makes this playset great value for money as I know it is something my children will come back to again and again!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.

Educational Play the Schleich Way

Schleich toys are invaluable in educational play and provide endless imaginative and creative fun. With such a vast range of animals, figures and playsets available there really is something for everyone whatever type of creature they love and enjoy.

schleichAs part of their ‘Educational Play the Schleich Way campaign’, Schleich have created a 16 page brochure that is designed to guide parents as to the best in imaginative play and development.  I’ve had a chance to look through the brochure and it really refreshs your mind with the importance of play, whether it’s alone or in a group, imaginative or creative and all all the skills that it gives to a child in their early years.

The brochure also give you lots of play and game ideas, really simple and probably the sort of thing you are doing already, but these prompts are really useful particularly if you are running out of ideas, feeling tired or just looking for a different way of playing with your Schleich figurines with your child.  There are also ideas for other general play and games to encourage you to stimulate your children naturally and immerse them in play with any toys that they.

I think Zoo Keeper is a really fun but educational game where the child sets out their animals like a zoo and you discuss what the animals will be eating and where they come from all as you play along with the zoo creatures.  This way the child will learn without realising it, but also have a lot of fun along the way with the carpet divided into various zoo enclosure’s full of animals!

schleich 2The animals from Schleich are packed full of educational value, there is so much you can do with them, and they fit into all areas of play.  My little boy has had the animals above out in the garden on adventures and up in his bedroom going along in trucks and all sorts!  He also owns a number of other Schleich creatures such as dinosaurs which often come out and mix with his super hero figures or are even for sale when he plays shops!

schleich 3The quality of Schleich products is fantastic, they look great, feel great and really will last a lifetime, well worth investing in some as they can play such a great part in your childs playtime.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product plus some small monetary compensation in order to write an honest review.

Hello Kitty Party Pack Review and Giveaway

A Hello Kitty themed party is suitable for any age and this handy party pack from Party bags & Supplies contains all your tableware along with pre filled party bags for up to eight children.  My daughter, 8yr old Miss M is already well into the planning for her next birthday party and she wants it at home so this kit is perfect and she is very happy with the design.

Hello kitty partyI’m really pleased with everything you get as all I need to add is food and activities but the tableware is all included.  You get a tablecloth, 8 plates, 8 cups and a pack of serviettes which will be enough for one each at the party, and another one to wrap a piece of cake in.

Hello kitty party 2The party bags are pre filled which is brilliant, I don’t have to worry about them and I think they are really well suited to Miss M’s age group.

They each contain a Hello Kitty notepad, a multicoloured pencil, Hello Kitty keyring, fluffy zipped purse with attached hair elastics and a really lovely charm bracelet. The bracelets are corded with a silver coloured charm and look really grown up, Miss M is really looking forward to handing them out to her friends.

Hello kitty party 3

I think these Hello Kitty party packs are great and save you having to think about too much especially the party bags, just add a piece of cake in and they are aready to go!  There are many themes available from the website as well as separate items, a great choice is available.

If you want to try out some of the party ware from Party bags & Supplies then please enter my giveaway below to win £30 to spend with them.

£30 of Party goods

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Fairy Garden from Interplay – Review

Fairy Garden from Interplay is a really cute playset allowing for plenty of imagination creating a little world for your fairy to live in and then watch her garden grow.  The set begins as a craft kit and then turns into scene where you can watch the grass grow and play with various pieces moving them around.

WP_20160528_15_59_34_ProThe Fairy Garden comes with the pot, all the accessories and grass seeds, you just need to add a small amount of soil.  It is designed to be kept inside so you can watch it everyday, water it as necessary and cut the grass if desired.

Fairy garden 2

Miss M was eager to get started and used her little garden trowel to fill her shallow pot with soil.  The first job is then to construct the house which is made of glittery foam pieces which just attach together although she did require a little assistance to get it right but it did look pretty once built.

Fairy garden

Once you’ve put the house in it’s position on once side of the pot, there is a bag of brightly coloured stones to lay out in front of the house as it’s path and a large shell to bury on one side to be the fairy’s pond which you can later fill with water.  There’s a rather cute washing line to put up with a blanket and mini pegs, a toadstall and then a mouse who lives in the garden along with the fairy herself to place wherever you please.

Fairy garden 3Miss M really enjoyed putting the garden together, there are also some plastic flowers on stems to push into the soil and the last job is to sprinkle the uncovered soil in grass seed. As a twinkly final touch there are some glittery stars to make your garden sparkle.

Fairy garden 4With this set aimed at age 4+, you would need parental assistance to put this together.  Miss M is 8 and enjoyed it but did need me to guide her and assist in a few small areas like assembling the house and putting the washing line together.

She was thrilled just a few days later when she spotted the grass starting to grow and was surprised how tall it had got already.  She is hoping to give it a trim in a few more days.


Overall we’ve enjoyed Fairy Garden from Interplay, it’s cute, it’s fun, it gives children something to create and look after and enjoy for more than just one day!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write an honest review.