Bunny Boo Soft Toy from Ollie and Leila

Meet Bunny Boo, the cutest, snuggliest bunny we have come across in a long time, all the way from Ollie & Leila.  Bunny Boo is part of their funky, soft toy range that really does have wide appeal with a suggested upper end age of around 14yrs old!

bunny boo ollie and leila

My daughter Miss M, is almost 8yrs old but still snuggles up to her blankie at night, which is looking rather forlorn.  I was hoping this may be the perfect replacement and so far it has been a big hit!

With it’s 47cm long body, this is just the small size soft toy, and they do others in medium and large size too.  The outer of this bunny is super, super soft and only feeling it with your fingers will make you realise how silky smooth she feels and how satisfying she is to snuggle up with.

bunny boo ollie and leila 2

I love the ‘universe’ design on this bunny, pink and grey stars over a white background.  Bunny Boo has been a big success with Miss M and she has taken it everywhere with her as well as to bed.  If you are looking for a cuddly toy for your child, then why not check these out, something that appeals to a wide range of ages and is super snuggly!

bunny boo ollie and leila 3

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the toy in order to write an honest review.


Christmas Decoration Storage by Packmate

After Christmas one of the first things I dread is packing away the tree and all of the decorations.  Finding the right storage for them can be tricky to ensure they are both safe and protected as well as quick and easy to access.

Well I have found the answer from a great home storage company, Packmate.  They have made my life so much easier, and left my Christmas accessories so much more  organised and protected.

packmate 2I just love this Christmas Decoration holder.  It comes in a transparent zip up bag, with sturdy cardboard pieces to construct three layers each comprising of 18 sections, in total 54 sectioned compartments to store away your decorations.  This bag will then easily store away in your loft until next year.

packmateI was surprised by how many decorations I could fit in here, large baubles in their own individual compartment, but I have smaller decorations where I can fit multiple in each section.  This handy Christmas storage is brilliant and I’d highly recommend, it certainly beats wrapping each item in tissue then packing them carefully in a large box!

packmate 3Rolls of wrapping paper is another dilemma I have each year, several stashed in different places, I can never remember what I have and it’s hard to keep them together.  This Wrapping Paper Storage Bag is definitely the answer.  At first I wasn’t sure how many rolls I fit inside by when I found all 18 of the rolls I currently had fitted in easily I was very happy!  There is definitely space for a couple more and also if you had any extra long ones they would easily fit too.  I also love the fact that the top of the bag is transparent as it makes it so simple to find the roll you are looking for.

packmate 4Finally the Wreath Bag, a truly durable bag that is quite frankly huge.  This will fit the largest of wreaths and also cleverly has a small cyclinder bag that will sit in the centre of the wreath to hold additional decorations.  With a smaller wreath, you could also fill the space with light items such as tinsel.

Overall I’m very impressed with all of the Packmate Christmas storage items, they are perfect for my household and I’m sure many others too.  If you want to get organised and make decorating the tree simpler next year then I’d definitely check these out as I know for me, these are fabulous!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the storage in order to write an honest review.


Happy by Pharrell Williams – Book Review

Happy by Pharrell Williams is a song most people will know, it’s definitely been one that’s been very familiar to me over the last year or two.  Even my children know the song’s familiar tune from school disco’s and my daughter knows many of the words.

A book has now been released aimed at children and basically consists of the words of the song.  It has a happy feel to it with pictures of children dancing around.

happy pharrell williams 2The book is hard back and of a lovely quality.  The children love singing through to the words and dancing around the room, especially if you put the song on for them to listen to as well!

happy pharrell williamsThis book has a feel good vibe, just like the song, it gets kids active as they interact with the book by singing and dancing.  If your kids love the song, then get the book for some added fun!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the book in order to write an honest review.

Trutex School Uniform Review

Trutex is the familiar brand when it comes to school uniform and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint.  We’ve tried various brands of uniform over the three years my daughter has been at school and I can honestly say her prefered brand is Trutex as she likes the cut and design of the clothes.

TrutexYou can feel as soon as you touch the uniform that it’s good quality.  There is a good,  thickness to it, and it’s well made.  Miss M loves the Trutex cardigans, she finds them comfy to wear and easy to do up the buttons.  She also likes the style of the blouses and will always take a Trutex one out her wardrobe before any other brands.

Trutex 2The grey skirt is pleated all round but requires minimal ironing after a wash.  We do find the skirts come up a little small so prefer to go up a size as Miss M finds them more comfortable on the waistline and would rather have it down to her knees (I wonder if that will change in a few years time!)

Trutex 3I find the Trutex uniform washes well, is easy to iron and durable.  It will last until the child grows out of it.  If you are looking for school uniform, then I’d definitely recommend giving Trutex a try, as it gets a big thumbs up from us!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the uniform in order to write an honest review.


Scotch Pop Up Tape – Perfect for wrapping presents

Scotch Pop Up Tape has become my new best friend this year whilst wrapping my Christmas presents.  Simple strips of sticky tape in an easy to use dispenser that easily sits across on the back of your hand via an elastic strap.

scotch tapeI found the strips easy to use and it definitely allowed me to wrap a lot faster.  Normally I’m looking around for my tape dispenser on the floor, having moved it out the way as I’m cutting paper for the next present, but this is always on the back of my hand, so always there ready to use.

scotch tape 2With short strips there was no tangling of the tape and presents got wrapped at super speed and with ease.  Definitley a help that I needed with the amount I had to wrap!

Why not give Scotch pop up tape a try?

scotch tape 3All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received some Scotch products in order to write an honest review.

Redesigning Children’s Bedrooms

Having just purchased a new house for my family, one of the first areas we want to decorate are the bedrooms.  We need to think not only about paint colours, but how furniture will fit in the room, storage ideas and fun things to give the rooms personality and make the children feel like they have been designed just for them.

For my daughter we are looking for something a little bit more grown up and this bed with a large desk underneath is ideal for her to have somewhere to do all her drawing and homework.  With plenty of space on top, you can add little storage boxes filled with stationery ready for her to do her work. With drawers underneath also, this really does add storage value but gives you a large desk and bed in one.

Alta Möbel für Kinder by Fantasyroom-Wohnträume für Kinder

Also when looking for girls bedroom ideas, I came across this pretty ceiling, dotted with little lights to give them room a twinkling effect.  I think my daughter would love this, especially in the evening when she reads before falling asleep.

Starlight nursery ceilings : Modern nursery/kids room by Lancashire design ceilings

Young boys just love a fun theme in their bedrooms, and my little boy would love this pirate style bed.  With so many fun elements making it look like a ship, he would also play in this during the day.  Having a den underneath is bed is something he’s been after for a while so we have already got him a cabin bed and are just deciding on how to decorate the rest of the room.

Nursery/kid’s room by Paidi
I do love this bunk style bed with a little house at the top and choice of ladder or slide to come down.  The bed underneath can either be used for a second child, or if you only have one child using this, it can be a spare bed for friends sleeping over and during the day it could be a chill out area that I know my two would love relaxing in and playing their little adventure games.
Eclectic style nursery/kids room by Мастерская дизайна Welcome Studio
Kids love a fun bedroom and there are some fabulous ideas here to get inspiration from.  My children can’t wait to see their finished bedrooms and finally move into them, a great new space for them to explore and relax!
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Christmas 4000 Sticker Activity Book – Review

Christmas 4000 Sticker Activity Book from Parragon is the perfect way to keep kids occupied over the festive season.  With a jam packed book bursting with pages to keep little ones entertained and an exceptional array of stickers in the middle, every child will be keen to dig in and explore what there is to do.

Christmas stickersThe multitude of pages really does cover every kind of activity, from colouring to dot to dot, mazes, spot the difference, various drawing activities as well as loads of pictures for you to stick your stickers!

Christmas stickers 3If your kids love stickers, then they certainly won’t be disappointed.  There are many pages in all different sizes and shapes, but importantly they are brightly filled with festive images to create wonderful pictures with. I love the little gingerbread men skiing as well as a full set of stickers to recreate a nativity scene, including Mary, Joseph, shepherds, kings and of course baby Jesus.  My little boy was particularly fond of these as he has recently perfomed his first nativity at school, so was excited to show me the scene on paper with these stickers.

Christmas stickers 2This book is action packed and has hours of activities in it, well worth getting to fill any spare time over the next few weeks!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the sticker book in order to write an honest review.

2 for £10 Gift Ideas from The Works

With Christmas looming, and many a day spent searching for presents that don’t cost a fortune, then look no further than The Works.  They have a fabulous selection of low cost gifts available, with any 2 costing just £10!  With something for everyone, children and adults, I’ve been taking a look at what’s on offer.

The worksCaptureFor adults there is a variety of things such as cookbooks, and a variety of dvd and book sets.  I’m really pleased with the Crochet dvd and book set as it’s a craft I’m keen to learn after trying it out earlier this year, and this will be perfect to learn from with simple, clear instructions.  This would make a lovely gift for a beginner to the world of crochet.

The works 4For boys, how about this fun Dinosaur Operation game.  My little boy loves dinosaurs and has been eyeing up operation style games for a while.  The dinosaur has obviously been eating things that he shouldn’t and has various tools as well as bones inside his body that need extracting as part of the game.  This would be a fun game for the family to play on Christmas day and a bargain at just £5 when bought as part of the 2 for £10 gift range.


The works 3This Build Your Own Rocket set looks like fun for boys and has a little booklet as well as a rocket parachute to make.  The booklet contains lots of ideas for rocket based ideas and experiments to make using simple things like a balloon etc I think there are plenty of ideas in here to keep boys occupied over the Christmas period and into the New Year!

The works 2One I think my daughter will love is a Crystal growing kit.  She’s loves science and experiments so I think this is a great mix of the two and something she can watch grow over a period of time.  With six crystals to grow I’m sure we’ll have windowsill full before long and they can be kept after as decorative pieces.

WP_20151211_14_38_26_ProYarn craft is a fun set for girls and my daughter does love anything needlework related.  This set allows you to make 12 fun activities using wool including pom poms, decorative wool hearts, hair for sock puppets and more.  The box also includes some googly eyes to use in some of your making projects.

I think the range of gift ideas from The Works this Christmas has a great variety and are an absolute bargain at just £5 each when bought as part of their 2 for £10 gift range. There really is something for all the family, so I’d definitely recommend checking them out either in store or online where you can get them delivered in time for Christmas.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the gift sets in order to write an honest review.


Anisnap animal design kids watches – Review

Kids watches can always be fiddly to do up, but these Anisnap watches from Aniworld make life a whole lot easier and fun for children to wear.  There is a vast selection of animals available, I was quite surprised by the choice, so there really is something to suit everyone, and you are more than likely able to find your child’s favourite animal on a watch.

The watches come boxed and are laying out flat.  They are on a simple snap band which makes it so easy for the child to take on and off.  My children love snap band bracelets so these had immediate appeal.  The animals themselves are quite large, but soft and rubbery so easy to wear, won’t damage or knock against things, making them quite durable.

watches 2

The clock face can easily be taken out of the animal to set the time or change the battery.  My children found it easy to tell the time with these as the numbers around the clock are easy to see, although my little boy is still learning the time, but this is a great way to encourage children to learn how to tell the time especially when they are wearing these throughout the day.

watches 3

I think these are a really fun idea for young children to help introduce them to telling the time.  They are so easy to put on, I definitely recommend these a first watch as kids can put them on by themselves and have fun looking at the time.  These would make a great gift idea for kids either for birthdays or Christmas, well worth checking them out!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the watches in order to write an honest review.

Win some New Mum pamper treats!

Anyone currently pregnant or due to be a new mum over the festive season deserves a bit of pampering.  I certainly know what it feels like to be heavily pregnant at Christmas as my daughter was born on New Year’s Day!  Christmas shopping was stressful trying to squeeze my tummy through busy aisles in shops although at Christmas I did get to put my feet up whilst others cooked the dinner.

As a treat for new mum’s I have a few goodies to help with skincare, stretchmarks and multivitamins.  See below for more details of the products.


NEW Dr Organic Hemp Oil 24 Hour Rescue Cream (£8.99, Holland & Barrett)

Combining organic Hemp Oil and essential fatty acids with Beeswax, Borage Oil, Horestail, Hops and Hibiscus which work together to effectively nourish and soothe the skin. The formula can be used on dry, damaged, sun exposed and sensitive skin, leaving it feeling intensely moisturised, instantly restored and visibly healthier all day long.

Bio-Oil (£8.95, 60ml, Boots)

Bio-Oil is designed to maximise the skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It combines some of the most important skincare ingredients including vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, plus the unique ingredient, PurCellin Oil™. PurCellin Oil™ creates a dry non-greasy oil which ensures the ingredients are absorbed deep into the second layer of the skin, where they can provide targeted treatment

Centrum During Pregnancy (£4.29, 30 supplements, Boots and Tesco’s)

The formulation contains 21 vitamins and minerals specially developed to give nutritional support for both mother and baby. It also contains Calcium and Vitamin D which are recommended for pregnant women by the Department of Health to support healthy growth and development of the baby’s bones during pregnancy. Centrum During Pregnancy also provides Iodine which is essential for brain and nervous system development.  

If you’d like to win this little bundle of goodies, just fill in the form below:

new mum pamper