Yoga for Weightloss with Roxy Shahidi DVD – Review

Yoga for Weightloss with Roxy Shahidi DVD is perfect for working out to at home.  With not much spare time and little time to get away from the children to reach a gym, this dvd is something I can do in my own time, as and when I get an opportunity.

yogaThe DVD is broken down into sections and consists of a warm up along with three different programmes and some winding down stretches at the end.

WARM UP: (10 mins) This fluid warm up is designed to gently wake up the body and get your energy system flowing so you may start your practice feeling invigorated and awake.

SEQUENCE 1: Cardio & Standing Series (20 mins) This flowing sequence consists of the classical sun salutations all constructed to raise your heart beat and build strength.  As we build heat in the body we begin to detoxify and purify ourselves allowing us to work off that extra weight and tone up our muscles.

SEQUENCE 2: Core strengthening (20 mins) This core sequence focuses on the mid-section of the body with focus on your abs and lower back.  We all tend to store most of our extra weight in this area so this firming sequence is targeted to build up your muscles to provide you with a solid core.  The lower back movements help improve your posture to prevent slumping, as good posture promotes correct organ function and aids in elimination of excess calories.

SEQUENCE 3: Seated Flow (20 mins) This gentle flow is designed to help you unwind and relax.  Stress is one of the main causes for over-eating or over-indulging but there are better ways to calm you and release tension.  Stretching the body will help you let go of any mental, physical and emotional blockages that are keeping you from being the best you can be.

BREATH: (10 mins) The breath is the quickest way to invigorate and open the body.  This breathing practice can be done anywhere and has been formulated to energise you to start your day or re-charge yourself periodically when you need a lift.

SAVASANA: (5 mins) The savasana is a full relaxation practice to help you let go and completely unwind and put you in a meditative state.  We all need to rest and this time allows all the work you have done in the previous flows to integrate into your system allowing change to take place.  Roxy uses these practices to keep her in shape and looking and feeling her best!  So come join Roxy in this yoga practice to rev up your metabolism and firm your core so you can look and feel great!


I found Roxy Shahidi very easy to watch and follow.  The DVD was very clear and she guides you with ease through the workout.  Yoga is normally thought of to be relaxing, rather than for weightloss, but this DVD really does get you moving, in particular I loved the stretching and how flexible it’s making me feel.  Although I know I should be exercising more than I do, I would rather do something like this than a fast paced cardio workout that I wouldn’t stick to and keep doing.  Knowing this yoga routine is gentle yet effective, I try to fit it in a couple of times a week and I’m certainly feeling better for it.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the dvd in order to write the review.

Shopkins So Cool Fridge Playset – Review

Shopkins has been a big hit with my children since we reviewed the Shopkins supermarket last year and they were excited when the Shopkins So Cool Fridge playset arrived.

shopkins fridgeConsisting of an American style refridgerator with various compartments, two shopkins and a tray of eggs, their eyes lit up when they saw it.  This has been particularly popular with my youngest, Mister B who can sit playing with it for hours and adds other small characters he has to let his imagination run wild!

shopkins 1The fridge has a large opening door with three shelves inside, and two shelves on the back of the door.  This holds the egg seesaw, a shelf that tips from side to side depending on how many eggs you have sitting on there.  Six eggs with different expressions on their faces are included.

There is a drawer at the bottom of the fridge and on the left is an ice dispenser.  This comes with a yellow ice bucket that if you push into the bottom of the dispenser it will fill up with any items you have stored in the small cupboard at the top of the dispenser.

Also included are two shopkins, a soda bottle and an ice cream sundae, both perfect for chilling in the fridge!

There are also two sheets of stickers to decorate your fridge with and the children had fun applying these on the doors and around the sides.

shopkins 2Shopkins do seem to have a much higher play value than I initially thought and my two really have played with this for long periods of time and got engrossed in a world of little characters.  They’ve used other play figures they own to come and buy things from the shop and fridge, they’ve added other tiny figures and things into the fridge to boost the play potential.  They love all the different little places to hide things in the various doors and drawers, not forgetting shooting things down the ice dispenser!

shopkins 3What more can I say?  Shopkins has definitely been a hit with us and kept my children entertained for longer than I expected.  It’s made of a sturdy plastic and is not at all flimsy, therefore withstanding falling over etc.  The doors don’t just fall off like some toys we have.  I think this is a toy that will be revisited many times for some imaginative, fun play that both children enjoy!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

Mother’s Day with Truprint #millionmumssmile

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spend time with family and of course spoil your mum.  But what do you buy?  There’s always the traditional flowers and chocolates but I think it’s nice to find something a bit different and possibly personalised.  This is where Truprint could be the place you are looking for.  Nowadays they do so much more than produce photographic prints, in fact there is quite an array of personalised gifts available that would be perfect for Mother’s Day this year.

For my mum, I will probably buy her some flowers but I like to give her a present too.  It’s always hard to buy for her as she seems to have everything but then I spotted this personalised jigsaw which can be made from a photograph.  I know she enjoys doing a jigsaw, so I decided to get a puzzle made up using a family photograph taken earlier this year.  I think it is something that she will enjoy doing with the grandchildren and they will be fascinated that their images have been immortalised onto a jigsaw!



For myself I want something useful for Mother’s Day, a nice gift that doesn’t just sit there (I have enough clutter in my house!) so when I spotted this 13oz Photo Travel Mug I knew it’s something I’d like to receive as I need a new lidded mug for work and how lovely to be able to look at pictures of my children all day!  I think receiving something practical is so much more acceptable these days especially when it’s personalised.




For children I think it’s appropriate to give just a small gift to their mummies, and something they can help design themselves and thats when I spotted these 3D Animated Bookmarks.  With a vast choice of backgrounds to choose from and the ability to add two photos to each one that magically change when you tilt it, these are the perfect choice for children to give as gifts.  My two designed one each with their own photos in and I can’t wait to receive them on Mother’s Day to use in my books.



Another simple idea is a keyring where you can simply choose an image to go inside.  These are ideal to use as a small gift on their own, or to add to other gifts.


Why not take a look at the Truprint website yourself and see what you can find to give your mum this Mother’s Day?

Truprint also offer photo cards, so what a perfect opportunity to have one made up for your mum this Mother’s Day.  This year Truprint are running a Mum in a Million campaign where they want to make a million mums smile by giving away 1 million personalised Mother’s Day cards.

To claim one of these cards just go to Truprint and enter MUMINAMILLION at the checkout.


  • Awards one free 7×5 folded card
  • Standard P&P charges apply (99p)
  • Ship to recipient not available
  • Complete with envelope
  • Code is One time use only
  • Strictly one code use per household.

I was provided with Truprint credit to write this post, all opinions are my own.

Chill Factor Slushy Maker – Review

Chill Factor Slushy Maker is your own home made slush drink created in minutes!  The new Tutti Frutti range consists of bright summery colours such as orange, pink, purple and this vibrant blue colour.

slushThe slushy maker cup consists of various components, an outer layer, an inner layer which freezes, a couple of rings which hold them together at the top and a lid.  There is also a straw which doubles up as a spoon – this proved to be very popular with Miss M and is the perfect accessory to go with the cup.

So how does it work?

The cup needs to be put in the freezer, preferably overnight, or at least until the insides are frozen solid.  The other key thing is to ensure the drink you wish to use is cold, therefore I tend to put a cup of juice in the fridge the night before I know my daughter wants a drink to ensure it’s ready to use when we require it.

When you have both a frozen cup and cold drink ready to go, simply pour the drink into the cup as high as the brim, screw on the lid and SQUEEZE!!  It really does only take a minute or two of squeezing before your juice has turned magically into slush.  Take a look at my quick video below:

We found the slushy maker really easy to use, easy to wash, and could be ready again to use the following day.  The slush drinks are perfect for fans of this kind of drink and you can use virtually any drink you want from squash, fresh juice and even milky drinks.  Milky drinks do tend to take a bit longer to turn into slush so do make sure your drink is ultra cold before you start.

slush 2My daughter absolutely loves these slushy drinks, they are the perfect treat for her and she has one several times a week.  She loves making them herself and likes to use her favourite Summer Fruits squash most of the time.  They are great for summer drinks and also an inexpensive way of turning a drink into slush whenever you feel like one!

slush 3All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

WIN! Barbie™ in Princess Power on DVD

To celebrate the release of the brand new hero adventure Barbie™ In Princess Power, we have a copy to give away on DVD.

barbieBarbie™ stars as Kara™, a modern-day princess with an everyday life. One day, after being kissed by a magical butterfly, Kara™ soon discovers she has amazing super powers allowing her to transform into Super Sparkle, her secret alter ego who flies around the kingdom ready to save the day as they discover that there’s no greater power than the power of friendship! You can play out the adventures of Kara with the Super Sparkle Doll which transforms from a princess to a hero!

Don’t miss this brand new hero adventure, Barbie™ In Princess Power, available on DVD, and DIGITAL DOWNLOAD from 16th February 2015 and available to pre-order now!

For fun activities to print, create and colour in visit

To be in with a chance of winning Barbie™ In Princess Power on DVD, just answer the following question…

What creature is Barbie™ kissed by when she transforms into Super Sparkle?

a) Bee

b) Butterfly

c) Bird

Barbie in Princess Power DVD

©2015 Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

BARBIE™ and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by Mattel, Inc.

©2015 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio – Review

Beados Glitter Quick Dry Design Studio from Character has been a huge hit with Miss M.  With lots of coloured and glittery beads that magically join together when sprayed with water, the designs are simple to make and effective when finished.

BeadosSuitable for ages 4+, although they would probably require assistance at that age, Miss M who is just 7 sat and did this craft set unaided and independently, meaning she was thrilled at the results knowing it was all her own work.

The set consists of a fan which requires 2 AA batteries, 2 boards to make the designs on, some design templates, various packs of coloured beads, a divided dish to use to hold the beads, a tool to pick the beads up, a water spray bottle and some stands to help display your finished work.

beados 2You can either copy the designs from the template or for younger children you can put the template underneath the board so you can follow the design by putting the correct coloured beads on top.  The tweezer like tool helps you to pick up a bead and place it in the correct place on the board.  I really liked the glittery beads and think they really enhanced the finished designs.

beados 3Once you have completed the design, you use the spray bottle to gently spray a layer of water across the whole design and then place it under the fan to try.  Miss M loved following through with this process as she could complete it herself from start to finish.

beados 4The beads adhered together well once they were wet.  We did find that if too much water was used it was a good idea to turn the design over once partially dry to let the other side dry fully rather than sit in water on the tray.

With plenty of concentration, the Beados really kept Miss M occupied and is a fun craft that’s a little bit different from the things Miss M normally does which helped maintain her interest.  It made her feel very grown up using the fan herself and showing me her finishing projects.

beados 5 The designs looked really good once dry and can be used for many things.  There are a few various stands included, one to stand a design upright, another with a sucker to put on a window and another one with a sucker that you could stick anywhere.  There are also some little attachments that you can adhere to a design with little water and they have a hole in which you can thread some string or ribbon through and use as a keyring or attach to a bag.

beados 6Beados has been a big hit here for Miss M who loved working with the beads and was really pleased with the finished pieces.  This would be great for any art and craft fan, and you can purchase additional bead sets to make further designs after and the fan can be used again and again.  Why not take a look at Beados next time you are looking for a gift?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.



Britains Farm Green Landrover & General Purpose Trailer 1:16

Britains Farm Green Landrover & General Purpose Trailer is one of the newest items in the Britains Farm range of replica toys from Tomy.  Scaled at 1:32 and suitable for ages 3+, these vehicles are a great size for young ones to play with, use their imagination and set up a play farm with.

britains landrover 5This set comprises of a Green Landrover Defender and a detachable trailer with two hay bales.  Joined together they come to approximately 54cm in length so that gives you a great idea of the size of these which my little boy found really appealing.

britains landrover 4 The Landrover Defender is extremely well built and exceptionally sturdy, perfect for young ones to handle.  It is made from die cast metal and very strong plastic and shows lots of detail.  The canopy on the back is easily removeable, simply by lifting it off and leaves room to store any items your child wishes to store in there.  A great feature of the landrover is that by pressing the grey button on the bonnet, the headlights light up and it makes various vehicle sounds such as the engine starting up and the horn sound.  Mister B, who is 4 was quite keen on this sounds and they helped enhance his play.

britains landroverThe trailer is a flatbed design with a simple hinged tailgate at the back that drops down allowing you to load or unload your goods.  Here, as well as hay bales, Mister B has enjoyed filling the trailer with pigs, horses and even small toy cars!  The trailer is a great attachment for the landrover giving children the opportunity to use their imagination in loading it up, moving things across the room, then unloading again.

britains landrover 3This landrover and trailer set from Britains Farm has been a big success with my children, particularly my 4yr old boy and what I really love is that it is totally compatible with any other Britains Farm vehicles.  For example the landrover can will attach to any trailer such as the pig trailer we have and also a tractor can pull the hay bale trailer.  These really are versatile toys that have kept my son occupied for hours.

He really wanted a driver for his vehicles and it’s amazing the various drivers we’ve had over the last couple of weeks from Mr Happy to superman and batman!  I love toys that allow for children to play freely and this are perfect for my 4yr old right now.

britains landrover 2I’ve found all Britains Farm toys to be of the highest quality and well worth what you pay.  They are built to last and have lots of play value.  I highly recommend them, so why not check them out yourself?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

Win a Safetots Stair Gate – Giveaway

Toddler safety was an important issue for us when my two where younger.  With a long flight of stairs and one of my children’s bedroom door being right at the top of the staircase, stair gates were an essential for us.  Both at the top and the bottom we found them invaluable and it really helps when you can find a good one that’s simple to use.

Safetots are one the largest retailers offering a wide range of baby equipment, in particular child safety products.  With everything from stairgates, highchairs, changing bags and travel essentials there is a huge choice available.  In fact just checking out the range of stairgates is vast, with something to suit everyone.  I just wish I’d known about this site a few years ago when I was looking for one for my extra wide staircase!

stairgateWith brands available such as BabyDan, Dreambaby, Safetots, Bindaboo, Lindam to name just a few, I’d definitely suggest checking out  their stairgate range if you have a baby who’s getting ready to take those first few steps, before you know it they are off toddling on their own!

Safetots have kindly offered one of my readers the chance to win one of their Safetots Self Closing Gate worth £24.99.  It’s pressure fitted and fits openings between 75-82cm.

If you’d like a chance to win, then simply fill in the Gleam form below:

safetots stairgate

UK only

See T&C on Gleam above

New Healthy Eating Super Foods

In a bid to lose weight as well as make my day to day diet a lot healthier, I’m always keen to try foods with added benefits, whether it’s added vitamins or a lower calorie version of something, then I’m keen to try as it makes my life easier to ensure I eat a balanced diet as well as not indulging in too much fatty food!

I tried New Jordan’s Lighter Granola.  Available in two flavours, I tried the Raspberry and Apple.  It also comes in Strawberry and Blueberry.  With 30% less fat that normal granola varieties, no added salt and high in fibre, it sounds like the ideal cereal.jordansSo what did it taste like?  Well it tastes just as crunchy as normal Jordan’s granola and had lots of raspberry and apple pieces.  I really enjoyed it with natural yoghurt and being quite calorie conscious at the moment I know this is a healthier choice to have at breakfast time.  My daughter Miss M asked to try some and had a bowlful with milk.  Her words were “Mmmm, I love granola, it’s delicious!”


P1000358I’m not a black tea drinker but have always been fond of green tea, particularly one with added citrus flavours, so was keen to try the new Tetley Super Green Tea with Lime.  It has added vitamin B6 to boost your mood, helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue.  I absolutely loved drinking these and found them the perfect pick me up in the afternoons.  They distracted me from eating and I can genuinely say I did feel more alert afterwards.  I have managed to drink the entire box of 20 teabags rather quickly and am keen to purchase more although have to say I’m P1000357-001struggling to find them having checked out three of the major supermarkets.  There are other variants in the Super Green Tea range such as Berry Burst and Tropical etc which I have seen available but not the Lime option.



V8 Vegetable Juice is WP_010401100% vegetables, containing tomatoes, celery, carrot, beetroot, parsley, lettuce, watercress and spinach.  With a 150ml glass containing 1 of your 5 a day and only 26 calories, what a simple way to boost your vegetable intake.  The glass of V8 tastes rich, thick, smooth and mainly like a tomato juice.  The other vegetables don’t really come through in the taste which I guess is down to personal taste as to whether you would like to taste them or prefer a plain tomato juice with added benefits.  All in all, a simple way of sneaking an extra portion of your 5 a day into your diet!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the products in order to write the review.

T-Shirts for World Book Day

Kid’s T-shirts produce a wide range of T-shirts for both kids and adults with unique logos, in a multitude of designs.  The images are fun and allow kids to be imaginative whilst wearing them with numerous themes available such as sports, Mother’s Day, Halloween, animals, space etc.

We have previously reviewed some of their costume T-shirts which my children loved and had lots of wear out of.

With World Book Day looming on 5th March 2015, Kid’s T-shirts have come up with a range of appropriately themed T-shirts which your child can wear either on their own as a simple outfit, or can be used as basis of an outfit to which you can accessorise with other items.

t-shirtsWith T-shirts such as a wizard’s apprentice, space trooper, candy worker, knight, pirate, chef, cat in the hat etc, there is sure to be one to suit everyone.  What a simple way to create a costume.  Why not check out Kids T-shirts today?

We received a couple of kids t-shirts in return for this post although all words and opinions are my own.