Equazen eye q Chews for Children – Review

Equazen eye q children’s chews are a fantastic source of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 which are vital for good health.  Although these can be found through a healthy diet, such as by eating two portions of oily fish a week, I know that my children don’t often achieve that being not that keen on fish and a bit fussy on other foods.

I’m happy to supplement their diet with anything that helps and Equazen eye q promises to give the body a balanced formulation that meets the body’s individual needs.  I still try to provide my children with as much nutritional food as I can and Equazen eye q shouldn’t be used a as a replacement for that, just something to supplement your bodys’ nutritional levels alongside a healthy diet.

equazenThe capsules are chewable and suitable for both children age 3+ as well as adults.  They are strawberry flavoured and you should take two capsules per day, although up to six can be taken at the start to build up your body’s level of essential fatty acids.  Essential fatty acids being essential as they play a vital role in almost every part of your body including the brain.

So what did my children think?

Well my 4yr old wasn’t interested and that’s fine, but my 7yr old liked the thought they were to make her healthier and improve her brain power and happily asked to take them everyday.  She said they tasted ok, not great but she was more than happy to have them as she knew they were good for her and has been taking them daily without any encouragement from me!

I’m happy for my daughter to continue taking these as they claim to be made with the highest quality ingredients and contain no artificial colours or sweeteners.  I would like to think over time her body is benefiting from taking these and it keeps her healthy.

With a whole range of Equazen products suitable for different ages and in different products there is a good range for different people to try.  Why not take a look today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the Equazen in order to write the review.


Trolley bags – Reusable shopping bags – Review

With us all trying to have a greener outlook to reusing shopping bags, Trolley Bags are are a great invention made specifically for use in a large supermarket shopping trolley.  I was sent a set to try out and couldn’t wait to give them a go.  As I tend to use shop & scan when I do my larger shop, I thought these would be ideal to for packing the shopping as I go around the store.

trolley 1The set of Trolley Bags consists of four differently coloured bags that are velcroed together and can be rolled up for storage in the car boot.  The bags range in size to fit with the slope of the trolley.  The smallest bag fits either just before the separate section at the end of the trolley or if you prefer to have the seat down as I do, it will sit in the end section allowing you to use the seat area for your handbag and other items or a small child.

trolley 2It is best to put bulkier, larger items such as cereal boxes, crisps etc in the larger bags otherwise they will be quite heavy to lift, and keep the smaller two bags for heavier items such as tins, jars and heavier vegetables.  I have found these really good for packing my trolley as I go around the shop using self scan leaving me with just four bags to put into the car.  The bags hang open making packing simple, it really does result in no hassle shopping.

trolley 3I do have one concern though, the bars that hang off the sides of the trolley are at a similar height to my four year old’s head.  I found when shopping with him in tow, he hovered all around the sides of the trolley eager to help and I found I had to be a little cautious to ensure I didn’t poke him in the face.  I therefore now save these trolley bags for when I do child free shopping, or they’d also be ideal if you have a little one that still sits in the trolley seat.

Overall, I think they are a great concept and definitely the way forward in shopping bags. I also like the way they velcro together making carrying them easier rather than a stash of smaller carrier bags.  I’d keep your eye out for these, especially with the carrier bag charges due in England later this year!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the shopping bags in order to write the review.



Happy 7th Birthday Miss M and Frozen party game ideas

New Year’s Day is my daughter Miss M’s birthday so we always start the New Year with birthday celebrations.  This year we had a quiet, relaxed day, spending time with family for lunch, birthday cake and Miss M opening her presents.  I really can’t believe where the last seven years have gone!

Maisy 2She was insistent on having a Frozen themed birthday party this year, in particular she wanted to wear the Frozen dress up costume that we reviewed a couple of months ago.

partyWe played the usual party games, pass the parcel, musical statues etc but I wanted to find a few different games and after having a google, I came up with these variations on games to which I put a frozen twist.

Musical Icebergs – I cut the edges off of sheets of white paper to make them look a bit more geometrically shaped and these were the icebergs.  When the music played the children had to dance around.  When the music stopped each child had to stand on one of the icebergs.  Then remove an iceberg so that in the next round one child is out until you get down to just one child left who is the winner.

Ice Jewels – For this I had a toy princess ring for each child which I froze in heart shaped silicon cake moulds to create ice shaped hearts with treasure trapped inside.  To rescue the treasure, each child had to melt the ice with their hands until they found their ring.  This could be variated and I put a little Squinkie car in one for my son.

Dress up as Olaf – I put the children into two teams and each team have to turn one member into Olaf.  I bought some value toilet roll which they used to wrap one team member up in, and also add a woolly hat and scarf to them.  You could judge one team to be the winner but I decided to let this just be a bit of fun which they loved and then turned the room into a snowball fight afterwards!

party 2

Dressing up as Olaf was great fun, there were lots of giggles and excitement throughout.  Mister B has now asked to play this game at his next party!

The ice jewels also proved very popular, I wasn’t sure everyone would want to sit melting ice between their hands but they loved it, and it kept them quiet and occupied for a while.  I gave them trays to melt the ice over and handed towels out so they could dry their hands during it.  They got quite competitive towards the end as their blocks got smaller seeing who could finish first.  I’d definitely use this game again.

party 3Overall the party was a great success and all the children seemed to enjoy themselves.  I think the small effort in trying some games that were a bit different kept the girls occupied and they were intrigued to find out what we were playing next.

Miss M had a fabulous birthday and party and now it’s all over until next year.  She has become so grown up over the last year, I’ve really noticed a difference in her behaviour and mannerisms.  She’s also had an amazing year at school.  I hope 2015 is another fabulous year for her and she succeeds in all she wants to do!

party 4

Finn a Boy Doll – Review

Finn is a boy doll made by Arklu, the same people who made the award winning Lottie doll for girls which promotes healthy and realistic body shapes and activities a child would typically do.

We received Kite Flyer Finn along with the Gone Fishing accessory pack for 4yr old Mister B to try out.

finnMister B was thrilled with his new Finn doll.  At first he was a little confused that a doll could be a boy, but once he grasped that concept and saw the the removable clothes and little accessories, he couldn’t wait to start playing.  The doll itself and each outfit pack comes with a complete outfit, shoes and associated accessory.  The Kite Flyer set comes with a kite that you can attach the handle to Finn’s hand and the Gone Fishing set has a fishing rod.  Both of these accessories really added to the play value and kept Mister B occupied and happy, sending Finn on various adventures.

finn 2Finn is a really down to earth character who enjoys traditional activities, making him a perfect role model for young boys today.  He’s well made with clothes that are easy to take on and off.  It is even easy enough to balance Finn to stand upright on a flat surface.  His joints are all moveable allowing for full action play, posing him in various positions which Mister B really enjoyed.

finn 3Finn is really different from other boy dolls on the market, free from guns and violence and an ideal role model for little ones, encouraging them to engage in traditional activities.  Finn is the male counterpart of the Lottie doll, a girl doll that has a realistic body shape and enjoys child friendly activities.  Why not check them out today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received Finn in order to write the review.