Greased Lightning – Showroom Shine Car Wash Review

Greased Lightning is a waterless car wash and wax in a bottle that makes cleaning the car a simple and effortless process.  We received a litre bottle of the showroom shine along with two Microfibre cloths, one to be used for cleaning, the second to be used for buffing and shining.

GreasedWe had a lovely sunny day last weekend and took advantage of it to clean the car, 6yr old Miss M keen to help.  I don’t normally clean the car, what with all the buckets of soapy water required, then the effort of going around cleaning and waxing but with daddy at work, I decided to have a go with Miss M.

The car had a mild dirt layer across it, with a lot of dead flies on the very front and a few large patches of bird droppings across the bonnet.  We set to work with the blue microfibre cloth to remove the dirt.  The bottle of Greased Lightning comes with a spray top which we inserted immediately to use.  You then need to shake the bottle to mix the contents, which activates the product ready for use.  It is then a simply case of spraying onto each area of the car and wiping off the dirt.

greased 1I was surprised how well this worked and really did get the car clean, even stubborn bird droppings which took an extra squirt of the Greased Lightning but did come off relatively easily.  Even Miss M enjoyed cleaning the car and we had no mess with soapy water, refilling buckets or waiting for it to dry.

greased 2After each area had been cleaned, we used the yellow microfibre cloth to buff the car to a showroom shine.  The first cloth used will become dirty and also trap any grit that was on the car within it’s fibres so once the main bulk of the dirt has gone, a new cloth prevents any grit being dragged across the paintwork.

Whilst buffing the car, I have to say I didn’t see any smears as I went along, the car just got shinier and shinier, really glimmering in the sun with minimal effort.  This was definitely a lot easier than I had expected.

greased 3Greased Lightening is definitely the easy option for washing your car, one that I would certainly use again.  It’s waterless, that’s got to be a big advantage on the environment, it cuts through grease and grime aided by the power of a microfibre cloth which is soft and easy to use.  It takes a lot less time than the traditional method of car cleaning and it brings the car to a mirror shine, smear free finish with extraordinary little effort.

greased 4We had lot’s of fun cleaning the car with Greased Lightning, it was so easy to use and great to see results so quickly.  It’s easy, convenient (especially when you can’t park outside the house – we rarely can!) and only requires the bottle of liquid and a couple of cloths to give your car a showroom finish.  Each litre bottle can clean up to 10 cars and with a single bottle costing £14.99, that’s just £1.50 a car wash – pretty impressive for the ease and finish you get!!

I’ll be using this again – why don’t you give it a try today?

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

How to Catch a Star – 10th Anniversary Edition – Review & Win

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers is a classic children’s picture book that tells the story of a young boy eager to catch a star from the sky.

catch a star 5To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the book a special set has been put together which we were lucky to receive including a hardback copy of the book, some glow in the dark ceiling stars and a star shaped usb stick.  There were also lots of activity sheets which my children have been having lots of fun with.  The special edition of the How to Catch a Star book includes a letter from the author and previously unpublished drawings.  Aimed at ages 2 to 7 years, this is perfect for both my children to enjoy being aged 3 and 6.

catch a star 3How to Catch a Star follows a young boy who loves stars and spends many hours gazing up at them.  It then shows the journey of his efforts to catch his own star and after various attempts he finally finds one.  The book is simply yet beautifully illustrated with full colour pages that keep little ones entertained whilst listening to the story.

This has made the perfect bedtime reading for 3yr old Mister B as it’s a relaxing easy read that doesn’t bring too much excitement yet has a storyline that little one’s love.  Mister B loved it when the boy went up in his rocket to search for a star.

The activity sheets proved a big hit with both my children, Mister B loving the mazes which he could sit and do with his finger.  He loves following the lines around hitting a “dead end” before having to turn back and find an alternative path.

catch a star 2Miss M who loves her cutting and sticking was immediately attracted to the mobile to make.  She sat carefully cutting out each shape before glueing them together with a piece of cotton inside.  I then helped her to stick them to a cross that we made out of sturdy cardboard strips.  She was so proud of her effort and wanted it hung in her bedroom so she could look at it whilst in bed.

catch a star

Why not print the activity sheets for you little ones to do?

How to Catch a Star Activity Sheets

Released on 27th March 2014, How to Catch a Star is available from Amazon for £12.99.

How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers is a great book with a storyline that little ones love and I’m pleased to say I have a copy of the book to give away to one of my readers.  If you’d like to win, just fill in the rafflecopter form below.

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Girl Talk Magazine Launches #Girls Are Amazing Campaign

Girl Talk magazine celebrates it’s 500th issue this week and are launching a #Girls Are Amazing campaign to promote positive female role models and broaden ambition in young girls.  This comes in direct response to a recent readership survey where some unsettling and surprising results revealed:

“that an overwhelming 80% of young girls wanted to be referred to as “pretty”, “kind” and “funny”, with only 20% choosing “clever”, “strong” or “brave” as important attributes.”


Girl Talk 500th Edition Cover Shot
With my daughter Miss M being 6, I am wary of the future influences that she’ll be around and the way the media will encourage her to think.  She is a very strong willed young girl, determined to make her own decisions although so far I think she’s on the right track, being a sporty, outdoors kind of girl avoiding some of the more girly activities out there.  She is yet to show an interest in pop stars and media idols, which I’m pleased about as I’d like her to enjoy her childhood without growing up too fast.  I have to say though that I do think she’s AMAZING in nearly every way, but of course I am her mum.

girl talk

Girl Talk is a pre teen magazine aimed at 7-12 year olds and they plan to run the #Girls Are Amazing campaign throughout the year with features appearing in every issue of the magazine.  They’ll be featuring career profiles and stories of inspirational women excelling in sport, science, business, technology and lots more. There will be stories from Girl Talk readers who’ve achieved something great plus opinion pieces about issues affecting them.  Also they will be running an amazing BFFs competition in partnership with Westfield, where they’ll be looking for the UK’s best BFFs! The winners will get a chance to be Girl Talk cover stars and receive fantastic prizes.

Girl Talk want to hear from pre-teen girls all over, their thoughts and ideas about being a girl, their life, heroes and dreams, to put those opinions in the magazine and celebrate each others’ achievements.

Do you know any girls around the age of 7-12 years?  Girl Talk would love to hear their thoughts and opinions on being a girl and any AMAZING stories that they’d like to share to go in a future edition of the magazine!

Send everything to:

#Girls Are Amazing,
Girl Talk magazine,
Immediate Media,
44 Brook Green,
W6 7BT

OR Email:

 And lets not forget #Girls Are Amazing!!

We were sent some goodies in exchange for writing about about the #GirlsAreAmazing campaign.

Personalised Peppa Pig Book from Penwizard – Review

Penwizard offer personalised books starring your children alongside household name characters such as Peppa Pig, Fifi, Roary the Racing Car, Ben and Holly etc.  We chose a Peppa Pig book which is A4 size, 24 full colour pages with a personalised story throughout.

Peppa 3When 3yr old Mister B saw the book, he immediately recognised Peppa Pig and then I pointed out his name.  It’s only in recent months that he’s become aware of his name written down, but when he realised what he said, he thought it was hilarious – he was so excited and couldn’t wait to read it.

What I like about the story is that not only does it incorporate your child’s name, but you can modify the characteristics of the image of your child to make it more realistic.  I was able to select hair colour, hair style, eye colour, skin colour etc to help make it more lifelike.  Also on one of the pages it mentions the full name of the child, which reinforces to the child that the book really is about them.

Peppa 2I have never seen Mister B so excited reading a book, he genuinely giggled everytime we read his name almost in disbelief that it was a real book.  Big sister Miss M has kindly sat and read the book through to him a few times – they both were genuinely excited and thoroughly enjoyed the story of Mister B in the swimming pool with Peppa Pig and George.  This has also been a firm favourite that has been on his reading pile every night for mummy or daddy to read at bedtime.

peppa 1I think the Penwizard personalised books are a great gift for little ones.  The delight in their faces to see themselves in a book alongside their favourite characters is so special.  These books are ideal for birthday gifts and one that you know will get used over and over again.

The ordering process is very simple, and takes just a few easy steps that the website guides you through, delivery is fast too.  If you are looking for a personalised book then I’d definitely suggest checking out Penwizard.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the book in order to write the review.

Win a Case of Bahlsen Pick Up! Biscuits

Pick Up! are an exciting new biscuit from Bahlsen, consisting of a slab of chocolate sandwiched between two crisp biscuits.  I know my two children would be eager to get their hands on these and they come in handy individually wrapped packets – perfect for snacks on the go!

pick upWith a pack containing 5 wrapped biscuits and a case containing 14 packs, that means I’m offering you the chance to win 70 of these rather scrummy looking biscuits, great for pack lunches, days out, morning snack at work or simply a treat whilst at home.

Why not check out the Ninja Chihuahua TV advert for Pick Up! biscuits:

So if you’d like a chance to win, just fill in the rafflecopter form below:

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I have received some packs of Pick Up! biscuits in return for running this giveaway.

Making Slime at the National Marine Aquarium

A few weekends ago, the National Marine Aquarium put on an special activity for children “Slime Weekend”.  I had no ideal what it entailed but being annual members we decided to pop down to entertain the children for a couple of hours.  Although it ended up with me dropping the children off with daddy while I did the weekly supermarket shop, then went back to pick them up.

When they came out they were very excited, telling me that they had made their own goo, put their hands in it and it was so much fun!!  I was impressed with all the pictures daddy had taken and love looking through them especially this one below of them dressed in lab coats ready to start the slime making process.  It seems neither would look at the camera at the same time though!

Goo 1It was then time to get mixing!!

Goo 3Now for some sensory fun, feeling the slime with our fingers!

goo 4Ooh, and now a huge bowl to get our hands into!!

goo 5What fabulous sensory fun, the looks on their faces shows how much fun they had.  They then moved on to a huge tank of slime which they could touch and feel with fishy shaped toys inside.  Daddy said this reminded him of Gelli Baff, so something you could easily recreate at home.

Goo 2What an excellent way to entertain children and something a bit different.  I do love the activity room at the aquarium as each weekend there are various crafty activities to entertain little ones.  The slime one has to be the best yet though!

Anovia Strawberry & Raspberry Shampoo – Review

Anovia Strawberry & Raspberry Shampoo was sure to be a hit with my two children, with it’s fun red star shaped bottle.  It has added conditioner and claims to have a gentle detangling formula.

WP_005490 For me, the smell that oozed from opening the bottle was great – fresh, fruity and clean smelling.  The children couldn’t wait until bathtime to try it.  They were eager to wash their own hair, so I squeezed some shampoo into their hands using the easy flip up lid and watched as the shampoo easily lathered up on their heads.  You could smell the fruity fragrance and although it dripped down their foreheads, they didn’t make any fuss, meaning this truly is a no tear formula.

anovia shampooMy children’s hair was left soft, shiny and clean after using the Anovia Kids shampoo and of course smelling lovely.  I’d definitely use this again and with an RRP of £1.29 it’s a bargain!

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.

Tractor Ted Easter Activity Book – Review and Giveaway x 5

Tractor Ted is a cute green tractor that lives in Tractorland and gives children a great insight into tractors and farming life through a series of books, dvd’s, clothing and more.  We were exciting to receive Tractor Ted’s Activity Book 2, a special Easter edition of the series of activity books from Tractor Ted.

TT Easter Book coverMy first impressions of Tractor Ted’s Activity Book 2 were really good. Firstly I loved the quality of the book, a high gloss cover and thick, durable pages inside covered in brightly coloured illustrations.  Also the size of the book is quite handy compared to usual children’s activity books, as it’s easy to carry around and gives younger children just a one activity per page to concentrate on.Tractor Ted 1It’s aimed at Early Years children and I feel that Mister B who’s 3 and a half next month is the perfect age to carry out the activities within the book.  I also feel that the activities have been well thought out and put together, giving a great variety but also being of an appropriate level for Mister B to do.

The book shows children about farming and all things related to Easter time, such as baby animals and Easter themed recipes.  There are also counting activities, colours, matching, mazes, recipes, colouring in, writing skills and baby animal recognition.  I am really impressed with the variety and quality of this activity book.

Tractor Ted 2Mister B has loved looking through this book, taking in the information from the pictures and really having a good practice of his writing skills.  Even big sister Miss M joined in beside him copying the same words on a piece of paper and guiding him through the writing.  She’s also keen to try out the recipes at the back of the book, being an eager cook.  I can honestly say I’d recommend this book for a 3/4 year old to get to grips with pen skills and learn about animals and farming.  Of course Mister B was loving all the tractors and enjoyed picking out his favourite coloured ones.

Tractor Ted 3Tractor Ted have kindly offered 5 copies to give away to my readers, so if you have a little one who’d love to learn more about farming, baby animals and boost their writing skills then why not enter to win one below:

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Your details will be passed to Tractor Ted who will be responsible for sending out the prize.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the book in order to write the review.

Woolly & Tig Books – Review

Woolly & Tig has been a firm favourite in this house since the first series aired on CBeebies, so I’m pleased to see a range of books have now been published by Random House.  They have a good selection, covering story books and activity books which include wipe clean and sticker types.

woolly 3If you haven’t met Woolly & Tig before, they are a young girl called Tig and her toy spider, Woolly.  The shows aim to explore new experiences that young children face such as the first time going swimming or being afraid of the dark.  Woolly encourages Tig to try new things, not be afraid of things and learn lots of new activities.

We received a couple of story books, Woolly at Nursery and I Love Mummy.  They are both high quality books, with thick glossy pages and bright pictures.

I Love Mummy discusses the relationship between Tig and her mummy, how much her mummy loves her and all the things she does for Tig.  It then shows Tig how she should help her mummy and understand that sometimes her mummy has to do things and can’t play but it doesn’t mean she loves Tig any less.

Woolly at Nursery explores the fun Tig has at nursery until she accidentally bumps into a little boy one day.  They both blame each other and she no longer enjoys nursery.  But by learning to share her worries and concerns she is happy to go back to nursery.  Both these books build on experiences and we have enjoyed reading them.  They make good talking points if your child has come across similar issues.

We then had a look at the activity books.  The Wipe Clean book is excellent for little ones who are just starting to hold a pen and get to grips with making marks on paper.  This is perfect for 3 yr old Mister B who could follow the lines, dots, shapes with the pen.  It also has simple words to copy which he struggles a bit with, but this makes the book a bit of a challenge and gives him something to learn from.  He is the ideal age for this and has really enjoyed doing it.

woolly 1The sticker books are all of a high quality, with lots of colourful stickers for little ones to add to the pages.  There are lots of other activities such as mazes, counting, colouring in etc. plenty to keep little ones occupied.  We’ve had great fun with these and it’s perfect to sit down with Mister B and do.  He’s really enjoyed them.

woolly 2If you are looking for activity books for your young children, then I’d definitely recommend trying out the Woolly & Tig books from Random House.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.


Footner Exfoliating Socks – Review

Footner is a revolutionary new way of combating hard, dry skin on the feet and they have come up with some exfoliating socks to leave your skin feeling baby soft.

My feet have really suffered over the last couple of years since having children.  I have given them minimum attention and worn flip flops regularly over the last few summers which has led to dry skin and painful cracked heels that are hard to get rid of so I was eager to try Footner and see if it lived up to it’s claims.

footner 2The socks come in a sealed packet which you cut open just before use then sit with your feet in them for 1 hour.  This allows the solution within the sock to soak into the feet.  It is suggested to soak your feet before applying them which I did.

Footner 1When I took them off, my feet felt a little softer due to the moisture that they had been soaking in, but then you have to wait for approximately five days for the magic to happen!  I checked my feet eagerly over the next few days and actually wondered if anything would happen, then I noticed the skin starting to dry up slightly, before a few small areas starting to peel.  Thinking that would be it, I woke up in disbelief a couple of days later to find skin literally dropping off my feet!!  This was the most unpleasant few days of the treatment as I had to cut away large pieces of skin and empty my socks after a day at work!

footner 3Once I’d shed what seemed like an incredible amount of skin, I was soon able to see the new skin on my feet.  So was it worth it??

footner 4Well I did ashamedly have some deep cracks on my heels and Footner does say that it may not be able to remove very hard skin and this may need a further application, leaving at least 3 weeks between treatments.  I can still see my deepest cracks although they have now come lot nearer to the surface which is good but overall my feet do feel softer and have lost that dull, lifeless look they had before.  I am going to try a second treatment in a few weeks in a bid to get my feet summer ready.  They feel softer and less dry and definitely have baby soft feel in areas that were only slightly dry beforehand.

Being a home treatment, you can use Footner when you want and it requires minimum effort and no wasted time going to a salon or being sat at home filing your own feet.  Ideal for me, being at home with two children and never getting a minute to myself.  I could just relax in the socks then wait the 10 days until the peel was over.

I decided to get a second opinion and held my feet up for my husband to see, bearing in mind he had told me to keep my feet away from him over the last week due to the excessive peeling.  His reaction was instant, with his eyes wide open, he said with an almost shocked expression “OMG, they are a hundred times better”.

Well I think that says it all, although were my feet really 100 time worse before? Lol

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions and we received the product in order to write the review.