A Game of Ladybirds by Orchard Toys

I was looking forward to reviewing A Game of Ladybirds by Orchard Toys for the Izziwizzi Kids Play Fest as it looked like a simple, easy to play game that encouraged counting and observation skills.  I thought it would be a good, fun game for Miss M to play to reiterate her number observation which she has only recently got to grips with (without pointing and counting with her finger) and overall counting skills which are used at the end of the game to determine the winner by counting how many ladybirds are on the leaves.

The game is very easy to set up with all the cards (of the usual standard of high quality, durable, shiny card from Orchard Toys) being turned face down.  This game includes a dice with a small plastic shaker which is used to determine which number card you pick up.  The little shaker was fun and kept Miss M excited as I think it is one of the first games Miss M has played with a dice.  The game requires you take turns in continuing to throw the dice and picking up a card with the same number of spots on until all the cards have been taken.

When you pick up a card you turn it over to reveal a number of ladybirds on the leaves.  A key point in this game is that you have no idea how many ladybirds will be on the card you pick up as the number of spots has no bearing on the number of ladybirds on the leaf – in fact some leaves have no ladybirds at all!  This ensures no cheating can take place and the game ends up being pure luck as to who the winner is.

I tend to like games with this approach for younger children as I find it more enjoyable for the adults to join in.  The game is suitable for 2 – 4 players and has a suggested age range of 3 – 6 years.  I think this is a great game for those beginning to count and to get to grips with recognising groups of numbers.

I think it would be most suitable to purchase for a child from the lower end of the age range to give them the most value out of the learning opportunities within the game.  I can’t wait to see Miss M playing this with Mister B next year – he loves counting but is still a little young for the concept of game play – he would want to turn all the ladybirds over at once although we have had him sitting counting out the ladybirds on each card – so cute!!

The game retails for around £7.50 which I think is good value for the game – a great introduction into turn taking and counting incorporated into a cute little game – we’ve enjoyed it and played it again and again.  With each turn being quick to play, children won’t get bored easily and with each game lasting 5-10 mins you can squeeze it into a small time slot or play multiple times if you have more time.

To see the game in action, please watch our short video:

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Mister B is 2!!

Last week my gorgeous Mister B celebrated his 2nd birthday!!  Where have the last two years gone?  My little baby boy is now a charming, cute little boy whose favourite phrase of the week is “I like birthday cake!!”.  Instead of having a party this year we just had a small celebration with family at home but did pop out to Prezzo for lunch which my children love.  I love the setting of the restaurant which sits alongside the water and is great to go for a walk along after your meal for a bit of fresh air.  Mister B was a little grumpy when we arrived as it was 12pm and he was rather eager for his dinner but once it was brought to the table he got stuck right in.

PrezzoMiss M couldn’t wait for dessert, they both chose ice cream which comes with Miss M’s favourite, the Bambinocino!!  Being a huge fan Miss M devoured both her own and Mister B’s leaving her with a chocolate sprinkled milky moustache!!

In PrezzoAfter a yummy meal enjoyed by all (lite pizza and salad for mummy but I did sneak a honeycomb smash cheesecake for dessert) we ventured back to the house for present opening and cakes.  I opted for the easy option of cupcakes this year although they did taste rather yummy.  Poor Mister B though didn’t really understand the concept of blowing out the candles and looked rather afraid but never fear, big sister is here.  She couldn’t wait to blow the candles out on behalf of her baby brother – ahh!!

And then to the present opening – Miss M took control here too, assisting Mister B in ripping off the paper to reveal his array of birthday presents.  His favourites being his wooden railway, Happyland construction site and his Cath Kidston dinosaur merchandise (backpack, pyjamas, plate, dish & beaker and a set of play dinosaurs!!).

CakeA happy day had by all – congratulations Mister B!!

Potato & Carrot stamping – crafty fun!!

Fancy getting crafty with your little ones, hate the mess and clearing up – well that’s me and I tend to avoid too many messy activities with my two. They do plenty on the two and half days they spend at nursery each week so they I don’t feel that they are missing out in any way. But with the Make Time to Play campaign to encourage us to play more with our children I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and set up an exciting messy activity for Miss M to do at home.

I decided to try potato stamping. Miss M was thrilled when I told her what we were going to be doing and couldn’t wait to get started. It’s actually very simple and the only materials required are potatoes and some paint!!

Not only can you make pictures, but  you can create greetings cards, wrapping paper or many other ingenious ideas such as a rocket out of a kitchen roll tube with stars stamped up the side…

StampingPlease watch our video of how to do potato stamping with Miss M:



Fancy some Pink Soup??

Whilst musing at the fresh soup in Tesco the other day, a pink leopard skin box caught my eye and looking more closely I saw that it was in support of Breast Cancer.  On  checking the flavour it was Beetroot and Apple so being a vegetarian and for a good cause I thought I’d try it.


It was a very easy to eat soup with no strong flavours but very acceptable.  With 120 calories per half a carton and a donation to charity it is perfect for a light lunch.  Go Tesco and pink soup – I’ll definitely be buying you again!!


A rich creamy soup which I then topped with lots of black pepper worked out as a great low calorie tasty snack for me. What a fabulous way to support Breast Cancer?

I tried this soup as part of my weekly shop – I wasn’t paid to try or write about it.