Street Photography – Las Vegas

When I saw the Street Photography prompt this week it made me think back to various city breaks that I have taken pre children and got me looking back through holiday memories!!  I came across my Las Vegas break from 2006 it reminded me of how surreal the whole place is and had been so different from what I had expected.  Being in it’s own little oasis of the Nevada desert really sets it apart from any other city and you truly feel a million miles from everyday life.

The bright blue skies and constant sunshine ensured there was never a dreary moment during our stay and one day I would love to return – although it could be some years yet!!   Family holidays are now on the agenda with sandcastles, swings and swimming so taking city breaks with sightseeing, street cafes and shopping has to take a back seat for a few years!!

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Marble Run by Galt Toys – Review

We received Marble Run by Galt Toys to review for  It is a traditional style marble run with plastic chutes and glass marbles aimed at 4 to 8 year olds.

My initial impressions were that this looked like a lot of fun but I was slightly concerned whether 4 and a half year old Miss M would be able to play this independently.  My first thoughts were that she would require adult supervision and we would need to help construct the runs but actually I was completely wrong!!  Her eyes lit up when I showed her the box and she couldn’t wait to get stuck in.  Apparently they have a similar toy at nursery and before I got a look in, Miss M had taken control and built a tower!!


The plastic chutes and connectors are easy to assemble and relatively sturdy.  The only thing you need to ensure is that you don’t create an empty column that the marbles drop down.  You need to place the pieces in alternate directions in order to create a run but this concept was picked up by Miss M immediately.

This toy is fun, addictive, challenging and helps develop problem solving skills.  I never envisaged how much Miss M would get out of it, but it has become a firm favourite that she has played with again and again.  I think construction style toys are always a hit with children due to their varied nature in producing different creations everytime you get them out of the box.  This helps keep their engagement with the toy but also stimulates them to experiment with new ideas and challenge themselves to create something bigger and better than before.

 At £10.99 I would definitely say it is good value for money although I would opt for the larger set “Super Marble Run” which is £19.99 if you can, purely to have more pieces enabling bigger, higher runs – something Miss M is very keen to do!!

We have loved trying Marble Run by Galt Toys and summarise it as follows: 

A durable, lasting toy that sparks imagination and creativity giving your child many challenges and lots of play value along the way” 

Please watch our video review for izziwizzikids showing Marble run in action!!:

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Armed Forces Day – Fun for the Kids!!

With me feeling rather poorly on Saturday, the husband kindly offered to take the children out for a few hours to give me a much welcomed break.  I was a little disappointed though not to be joining them as the Armed Forces Day of events planned for Plymouth Hoe looked rather exciting and the weather was sunny.

Fortunately I was able to catch up with the day on their return with some great photos of Miss M and Mister B checking out the various helicopters and planes that were on display.

As you can see they had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed themselves although as you can imagine they were exhausted.  After a quick bite to eat, I gave them a bath before we all snuggled up in Mister B’s bedroom for an amazing display of the RAF Red Arrows through his bay window which looks across town giving a perfect view of the sky.

I have to say that the show put on by the Red Arrows was absolutely awesome and lasted much longer that I expected.  A spectacular finale to round off a fun filled day!!

Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles – Review

We reviewed some Jackson Reece Nose Nuzzles for Mummy News which are natural saline wipes for stuffy little noses.  My little Mister B has a constant streaming nose and this week when the wipes arrived he had developed a bit of a cold so perfect timing!!

Being a product that claims to be kinder to nature they come with an impressive list of qualities from environmentally friendly packaging to 100% bio-degradable, compostable and chlorine free cloth.  They are 100% alcohol and paraben free and do not contain any of the other known potential irritants.  To make them kind to the skin they are PH balanced, containing natural saline to help relieve stuffy noses with a cold or hayfever and soothing with Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

DSCF4752So armed with all this information about the Nose Nuzzles I was keen to test them out.  With poor Mister B’s nose being a bit on the nasty side this week I knew the ultimate test would be in the mornings when he woke up with a dry, crusty nose that he would do anything to avoid letting mummy get a tissue too.  The wipes are much softer than a normal wipe and particularly moist so even though 21 month old Mister B turned his head in determination that mummy wasn’t going to wipe his nose, the job was made a lot easier that I had the ideal wipe to hand.  It was quicker to clean the nose and being softer was much more comfortable and left him less irritated.  I also loved the saline aspect to help clear the stuffiness and help ease his breathing.  He even wanted to have a go at wiping his nose himself – bless him!!

I love the idea of these natural enviromentally friendly wipes and they come in a very handy packet that’s easy to carry around with you.  With just 20 wipes in the packet they are not something I would use everyday but I would recommend them when your child has a particularly bad dry nose or cold.  They are perfect for the job intended, making it easier for you and kinder to your little ones nose particularly first thing in the mornings.

RRP : £2.49 for a pack of 20 Nose Nuzzles.  Available at Sainsbury’s stores and online
For more information visit

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.