New York Bakery Co Muffins – Review

When  Mummy News offered us some muffins to review from the New York Bakery Co to, how could I refuse.  Being a lover of cake especially of the chocolate variety I couldn’t wait to try the new muffin range that’s just been launched by the New york Bakery Co.

We received a pack of each variety to try – Double Chocolate and Blueberry.

My first impressions of each pack were two deliciously packed muffins that looked incredibly tempting and were of a large, luxury size.  As I removed them from the packet I could immediatey tell that they were very moist and soft as the sides of the muffins felt all nice and squidgy.

Then came the taste test – we cut them into quarters and Miss M handed them out:

DSCF4461And I have to say they didn’t disappoint!  They were exceptionally moist which I was quite surprised at and full of flavour.  Obviously being a chocoholic the Double Chocolate muffin was exactly what a chocolate muffin should be, full of flavour and covered in chocolate chips.  The Blueberry one actually surprised me – it is not usually a flavour I would have chosen but it tasted utterly divine!!  It was deliciously moist, with a light but very tasty sponge, full of blueberries and topped with a light crumble that gave a fabulous crisp texture to the top of the muffin.

In fact both my husband and I enjoyed the Blueberry muffin so much this would be our first choice when we buy them (yes they are already on our next shopping list).   The RRP for the New York Bakery Co muffins is £1.69 for a pack of 2 muffins which I think is a good price for a luxury style muffin.

I would definitely recommend these, particularly the Blueberry flavour. They would make a great afternoon treat or are the perfect size to share with a friend over coffee.

They are available from Tesco stores nationwide from this month.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

Play Fest with special guests Orchard Toys

Every parent wants to do their best for their children and an important part of being a child is playing.  They learn and experience so much through play, helping them to engage in the world around them and build up their social and interactive skills.  Which is why I love Play Fest – a fun, interactive weekly chat with other parents based on a guided topic along with friendly chat held by izziwizzi.  You get to share ideas and pick up lots of tips and activity ideas to do with your children.

You can find izziwizzi on Tuesday evenings on Twitter and Thursday evenings on Facebook from 8.30pm for fun chat – Play Fest.

Next week the wonderful Playfest have a special guest – Orchard Toys!!  For those who don’t know, Orchard Toys produce some fabulous board games and puzzles, and next week they are looking for your input into a brand new Orchard Toys product launch – Where’s my cupcake?

The topic will be turn taking and sharing in play, and Orchard Toys will be there to give their views as well as opportunities to talk about new products, get product recommendations and discuss Play Fest Orchard Toys product reviews.

If you register in advance then when you participate in Play Fest you will have the chance to WIN Orchard Toys games including the brand new release Where’s My Cup Cake?. Plus there will be extra give aways in the Twitter party on the evening! And on top of all that you can get a free Tangram on your next order at when you register.

So hopefully I’ve inspired you to come along and join in the fun – don’t forget to register and hopefully I catch up with you at Play Fest next week.

Happy playing!!

Jubilee Festivities!!

For the Queen’s diamond jubilee last weekend, the road in which we live held a street party.  Unfortunately the skies stayed grey and the day was littered with light, drizzly showers but none of them put a dampener on our spirits as we all had a throughly enjoyable afternoon despite some of the time being spent huddled up under garden umbrellas with our hoods up!!

Preparations began the day before with Miss M making some princess themed bunting to hang up and mummy doing the supermarket shop for some jubilee party essentials – Pimms.

And then the party began with people appearing from various houses, some we knew, some we recognised from getting in and out of their cars and some we didn’t even know lived there!  But it was amazing how everyone came together bringing various bowls of salads, jugs of Pimms, cakes and even little gifts for the children (Miss M has carried her little union jack purse around ever since offering to pay for things as it now has real money in it).









The finale of the afternoon came when one of the neighbours brought out their homemade jubilee cake.  We lit the little union jack flag on the top and all stood round singing the national anthem before letting the children blow the candle out.


It was a wonderful day had by all and lots of fun for the children.  It was great to see the community spirit of the day and makes me wish we had more events like this in which to bring everyone together.  I think we are already planning a big lunch street party next year to which I am already looking forward to – not that I want to wish this year away – there’s many precious memories to be had yet!!

Barefoot Books for Children – Review

When Barefoot Books sent me some books to review, I have to admit that is wasn’t a book publisher I was aware of before but after having a glance over their website, the books all appeared to be vibrant, brightly coloured and enticing so I was intrigued to see what the stories were like and how well received they would be by my two children.  The Barefoot Books company was set up in 1992 by two mums, with four children between them who were looking for meaningful, creative careers hence the Barefoot Books brand was born.

The first book Clare Beaton’s Nursery Rhymes was perfectly aged for Mister B.  It is a board book with really smooth, high quality finished pages containing seven well illustrated nursery rhymes.

Having read the book several times throughout the last couple of days to Mister B, he really enjoyed looking at the illustrations as we sang the rhymes to him.  To try to encourage his speech and vocabulary, after each rhyme we look at the pictures and point out the various objects.  He has enjoyed listening to the nursery rhymes, making the relevant animal noises as we come across them in the pictures and is happy to sit looking through the pages on his own.  All in all a good little first nursery rhyme book.



The next book Ruby’s School Walk was perfect for Miss M who is due to start school in September, although let’s hope her imagination isn’t quite as vivid as Ruby’s who sees witches and various beasts on her walk to school. This book had lovely rhyming verse throughout as well as the repeated phrase “I must be brave, I must be strong” appearing at the end of each section.


The final book we reviewed is The Real Princess – A Mathemagical Tale.  This was a very interesting and different style of book to the usual princess tales out there.  The story included many number references, e.g. The king and queen had 1 butler, 2 footmen, 3 maids, 4 horses, 5 grooms, 6 dogs, 7 gardeners, 8 chimney sweeps etc.  The story is about the king and queen’s 3 sons who are on the look out for a genuine princess to marry.  They go about this by the queen getting them to sleep on a huge pile of mattresses with a number of peas underneath – in a similar fashion to the classic Princess and the Pea fairytale but written in a modern & quirky style.

DSCF4513This book was a good grown up book for Miss M, which she needs to move forward from the simple Peppa Pig style short stories she has loved over the last couple of years.  She enjoyed the brightly coloured illustrations and loved counting and pointing out the references to numbered items that appeared through the book.  I love the educational aspect to the book as Miss M is totally oblivious to the learning side of the book, and if she is too tired then we can just concentrate on the story.

DSCF4515There is an unusual little twist at the end of the book with a double ending which Miss M was fascinated by and a Test Your Counting Skills page of questions at the end where you have to go back and find number related answers to questions throughout the book – a great little extra.

But the best surprise which I hadn’t noticed on first picking up the book was that there is a story CD included with the book.  This was perfect as Miss M loves listening to her story CD’s when mummy and daddy have finished the bedtime reading.  The story can either be listened to alone or you can follow the words on the pages in the book.


The Barefoot Books website is not only an online shop to purchase books but contains some excellent digital content to entertain your children. These include storytime podcasts and animated videos featuring some of the best of Barefoot Books.  There are also activity pages to print out containing puzzles, colouring sheets, children’s recipes and even themed party ideas!

I hope you get to read a Barefoot Book soon and enjoy them as much as my family have.  Their bright, colourful illustrations are a winner with children and keep them entertained why you read the stories.  There are a huge variety of titles on offer at Barefoot Books covering all ages and subjects as well as puzzles, finger puppets and more…  Be sure to check them out soon.

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

Our Family Holiday to West Sussex

Last week we had our long awaited family summer holiday.  We set off for the small town of Selsey in West Sussex where our beach side bungalow awaited.  The unique aspect of the bungalow was that it was built around a luxury turn of the century railway carriage that has been restored and incorporated into the build of the seafront holiday house.

The big draw for this particular holiday house was the fact that it sits right on the edge of beach and although full of pebbles, we did manage to find some sand at low tide to keep the children occupied, along with collecting shells and playing in the fully equipped child friendly back garden.  The children loved being in the fresh air all day and it was great to see them running around freely enjoying each other’s company and exploring new things.

Fortunately we were incredibly lucky with the weather and had one of the sunniest weeks of the year which makes a big change to other summer holidays we’ve had in recent years – umbrellas, raincoats, wellies have been the usual attire!!

So after a fabulous week relaxing, eating ice creams and spending time with other family who joined us we are finally home sweet home. xx