Visionary Soap, Fairtrade and Organic – Review

When I was sent some samples from the UK’s leading fairtrade soap and body care company Visionary Soap to review, I knew as soon as I opened the package I had discovered something exciting and luxurious.  The rich, aromatic fragrance that exuded as I opened the parcel was a delight and a sure sign of quality.

VSC Logo Ingenious Crimson(1)Their vision is simple and straightforward: “to empower communities through trading fairly, not only through the sourcing of ingredients, but also through supporting job creation in our manufacturing. We believe in offering luxurious yet down-to-earth options when it comes to body care while also sharing the compelling human stories behind our products.”

Visionary Soap are dedicated to producing high quality fair trade products, sourcing fair trade ingredients from across the globe and in turn creating manufacturing projects in countries such as South Africa to help aid unemployment.  Their products are then sold in a variety of outlets in the UK with an ever increasing international presence having stockists around the world.

More information can be found on their website or Facebook & Twitter pages.

I was sent a selection of their Organic soaps to try and immediately loved the natural, rustic look to them.  They smelt divine and I couldn’t wait to try them.  I used a different one each day to allow me to appreciate the scent associated with each soap.  I loved the lather that each one produced, rich and smooth, leaving hands feeling silky soft.

DSCF3782I particularly enjoyed using the Lemongrass soap, very fresh and deliciously lemony, perfect for a morning wash or a cleansing of hands.  The Lavender, a scent which I can often find overpowering, was subtle but gently fragrant and the Geranium Rose was just gorgeous – a rich rose scented soap that oozed fragrance – an absolute pleasure to use and one I know my mum (a huge rose fan) would be delighted with.

As well as Organic soaps, there are a number of other Organic products available from Visionary Soap, namely Bath and Body Oils, Lip Balms, Shea Butter bath melts and Body Butters.

I was fortunate to receive an Organic Lemon Lip Balm to try, which for me being, a total lip balm addict was perfect.  I would be lost without some form of lip balm being within my reach 24/7.  I have one in my handbag, by my bedside, on my laptop, in Mister B’s changing bag, in my drawer at work – you get my drift – so to try a new one – I was in heaven.  With lemon being a flavour I am particularly partial to, the Organic Lemon Lip Balm from Visionary Soap was an outstanding success.  It has a very silky texture that just glides across the lips.

I have to say that overall I am very impressed by Visionary Soaps fair trade products and I feel that the prices are very reasonable and highly competitive.  On top of this they are currently running a special offer on in January for a FREE Bag of Assorted Soap Varieties on all orders which can be combined with promotional code VSC2012 for an additional 10% off!

So what are you waiting for  – don’t just take my word for it – try them for yourself, you will not be disappointed!!

Baking biscuits with Miko Cat and Miss M!!

Miss M has been desperate to play with all her Xmas/birthday presents particularly the messy creative ones (e.g Moon Sand) that are really unsuitable around Mister B.  So when Mister B had a nap yesterday afternoon I agreed we could try out her new ‘Miko Cat Make and Bake Gingerbread Baking Set’.

199083811It came in a gorgeous solid cardboard case (which we’ll use to store little bits & pieces in Miss M’s bedroom).  Inside was a lovely apron, rolling pin, mixing spoon, 3 cutters and a recipe card for ginger biscuits.

So we got started with mummy measuring out the ingredients and Miss M sitting excitedly on her kitchen chair waiting to pour each item into her mixing bowl.  And the question I kept hearing was “When can I put my hands in mummy?”.  So upon adding the butter to the dried ingredients I let Miss M loose with her hands in the bowl to rub it all together in a bid to form a dough.

And I must say I was very impressed with Miss M’s efforts as within a few minutes she had created a fine powdery blend with not a buttery lump in site.  We added the egg and made a dough which we rolled out and had lots of fun cutting it into shapes.

When the biscuits were cooked and cooled I made a small amount of royal icing in a piping tube and let Miss M free to decorate as she pleased.

DSCF3751 DSCF3753 DSCF3752





I thought the resulting biscuits were delightful and Miss M was very proud of her creations.  It was great to spend time baking with my daughter and I hope to make it a more regular activity once Mister B discovers a bit more independence and is able to entertain himself or even join in and have a go at some baking alongside his big sister.

Miss M’s 4th Birthday!! – Princess Castle Cake

So the amazing Miss M was 4 years old on New Year’s day.  We actually held her party on New Year’s Eve at a local hall with the main attraction being a pink princess bouncy castle incorporating a slide out of the side (at madam’s request).

As usual I made her birthday cake the night before with a vague idea in my head of the finished design.  At midnight when the icing wasn’t quite adhering to the cut chocolate sponge quite as I hoped I began to despair, but by 1am it started coming together.  At 2am I wondered quite what I had let myself in for as I stood in the kitchen cutting wafers into triangles and spraying them with edible silver spray and by 3am I wondered where my sanity had gone as I sat with a pair of tweezers picking up silver balls one by one in attempt to write Miss M’s name across the cake.

Finally at 3.30am a princess castle cake was complete and mummy could finally put head to pillow in a bid to get 3 hours sleep before Mister B woke up and the morning party preparations took place.

DSCF3720After a successful party with 16 excited, over energetic 3 & 4 year olds, I was finally able to relax for a few hours.  And determined not to be stuck in the kitchen all evening I had already pre booked a table at Prezzo (Miss M’s fave restaurant) for us plus family for a special birthday dinner.

The birthday girl took her seat at the centre of the table and after devouring her 3 courses from the children’s menu, Miss M proudly and in a very grown up fashion sipped her Bambinoccino (frothy milk sprinkled with milk chocolate flakes).

DSCF3734I am very proud to now have a beautiful 4 year old daughter. xx