Xmas present ideas for girls – Next!

Well Miss M has been a challenge to buy for this year – a combination of reaching the age of “I want this mummy” and mummy thinking of what is really practical and will be most used/played with.

So a few months ago I started picking up bits and pieces, a combination of clothes and books etc that I thought would be educational/useful.  Let’s hope Miss M agrees on Xmas day (well she does have a few extra surprises along the way).

One fab place to look for girly gifts is Next.  The one stop guaranteed place to pick something up for the girl in question.  Whether it be my 3 year old daughter or my mum!!  And below you can see a great selection of gifts for girls at the younger end of the spectrum.

thumb_large_97e35155d59b98f6b91214fca84915f58fdeec3dHow fabulous is the Peppa Pig Tutu top!! My daughter would adore this as I’m sure any little Peppa Pig fan would. The Tutu top is just a stunning addition to any girls everyday wardrobe that practically doubles up as dressing up gear!!  Available for £11 – £12 http://bit.ly/rxJgZ4

And to go with it, how about the exciting new Peppa Pig DVD £9 – http://bit.ly/smXDB9.

Another favourite of mine from the Next collection has to be the Miss Yu Trolly Case £18 – http://bit.ly/uYyKiM.  These are great for little girls to carry along on either a holiday or weekend away.  Not only is it lovely to see the independence in your child carrying their belongings but they really enjoy it and are proud to be able to transport their own things along.  I would highly recommend getting your child a case of this type.  They will forever want to pack their clothes and toys inside but the satisfaction they get from it is worth it.

The other items in the picture shown are available from Next as follows:

Pink pull on boots £14 – £16 – http://bit.ly/soG6Jv
Spotted Robe with Ears £12 – £19 – http://bit.ly/sDqHBm
Piggy Bank £8 – http://bit.ly/tgrEM6
Because it’s a classic! Pocahontas DVDs £9 – http://bit.ly/szoKsn
So they stay away from your chocolates – Gummy Mix £10 – http://bit.ly/vhVmhN
To bring out her creative side – John Crane Art Easel £35 – http://bit.ly/sJFJY6

Hopefully you will have found a little inspiration from this to buy for your little girls this Xmas!!

Peppa Pig World of Playsets – Review

We were asked to review the Peppa Pig World of Playsets by Character Toys for izziwizzikids.

Peppa PlaysetsBeing a massive Peppa Pig fan, Miss M was thrilled when I told her we were going to be reviewing this toy.  When she saw the box her eyes lit up in amazement and she couldn’t wait to get inside.  Out came the Peppa house with carry handle which opened up to find a further 5 buildings stacked inside.  Miss M thoroughly enjoyed the process of unpacking the buildings (a bit like russian dolls) and happily lined them all up across the floor.

And then the role play started – I was actually quite surprised at the conversation that I heard!! With the 1 Peppa Pig figure supplied there was a constant flow of chitter chatter from Miss M as Peppa Pig visited the cafe, bought an endless supply of cakes, then went home, had a bath, played with her doll’s house, then off to the vets, in and out all the opening doors as she went.

Although the play houses are all plastic they are very sturdy and well built and will entertain little ones for houses with plenty of room for imagination.  It would be nice to have some extra figures and accessories for the playsets so these were immediately requested by Miss M to go on her list to Father Christmas. (Shh – mummy may already have some bits stashed in the loft) so can’t wait to see the further play value and Miss M’s delighted face on Xmas day.

The fantastic thing about these sets is unusual way they stack into each other creating a really compact, easy to store toy – fabulous!!

A delightful little set worth buying for any Peppa Pig fan this Christmas for hours of fun and entertainment.

Here is our video review for izziwizzikids:

All reviews are my own and my family’s opinions. We are not paid for reviews although we do receive the product to try out and enable us to write the review.

Quotes from Miss M

I’ve observed a number of funny/cute totally unexpected comments coming from Miss M recently so decided to write them down as she said them and pick the best ones to share with you. So here goes:

When putting Miss M to bed one night:
“Mummy, I’m really proud of you and I love you lots”
I thought this one was lovely and totally unexpected.

After spending all afternoon preparing the dinner and dishing it up I got:
“I don’t like cottage pie but I like nursery’s cottage pie, just not the one at home”
Hmm – what can I say??

On a walk to the park Miss M feels tired so we stop for a rest on a park bench:
“I’m all hot and bothered now mummy”
Where did she get this phrase from?

About her little brother Mister B:
“I love my baby brother – he’s my bestest friend in the world”
How cute – I thought this was so sweet.

And then one day after nursery she burst into song:
Five little elephants went out to play,
Upon a spider’s web one day,
They had such tremendous fun,
That they called for another elephant to come.
Six little elephants went out to play…..

And so you get the drift of the song – it was so lovely to hear as I’d never heard this song before but what made it particularly fascinating was the tone Miss M used throughout the song with the highs and lows of each word.  It was one of those moments you wish you could capture on video as it was so cute to listen to and just pure innocent charm from Miss M!!